Week 1 : Late (and early due to travel) Sunday NFL Open Thread.

Fanpost addition.

Since I’m posting in the am, I’m adding the early games for those stuck without the Steelers to watch. Or anyone else also.

Saints -5.5 (9-8) at Falcons (7-10)

Browns (8-9) at Panthers (5-12) +.5 * see link

NE (10-7) at Miami (9-8) -3.5 * Raven -7.5 (8-9) at Jets (4-13) *

49ers -7 (10-7) at Bears (6-11)

Eagles -4 (9-8) at Lions (3-13-1)

Jaguars +2.5 (3-14) at Football Te….Commanders (7-10)

Colts -7.5 (9-8) at Texans (4-13)

NYG (4-13) at Tenn -5.5 (12-5) This one looks to be a snoozer, the Giants have been in a slumber for what seems like over a decade, probably has been a decade. Never in contention, they’re like the lions of the east. Tennessee is a solid squad, but needs it’s engine in toon for to run. The key to that engine is Henry, who was injured late last season, with his style something like that, can be the beginning of the end. Good chance to see how he’s feeling this season on Sunday afternoon.

KC -6 (12-5) at AZ (11-6) The questions in this one are Chiefs defense, and the Cardinals ankle, in the form of QB Kyler Murray. Whichever is healthier will probably carry the day.

LV (10-7) at LAC -3.5 (9-8) Carr got a top WR to go with the very good receiver core they already had, it’s his time to show what he can be. Hebert, looks like the real deal, will the team put together enough support so he pass Mahomes to claim the top spot in the AFC west. Should be an interesting to watch.

GB -1.5 (13-4) at Minnesota (8-9) The Packers are a favorite to be in the SB race right up to the end. Not sure who Rodgers is going to throw the ball to this season, but if they find one, they probably will be. The Vikings will go as their rushing games goes. Not sure it’ll be enough. Let’s sit back and enjoy some late games and conversation with fellow Steelers fans.

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