If we are going to be the ‘85 Bears who is our Fridge?

It was so fun to watch a dominant defense again at every position making play after play after play. But if we are going to be the ‘85 Bears we need one of these guys to flip to the other side and provide a spark on O. But who should it be?

The obvious first choice is Cam Heyward at RB. Not FB… RB. He has the pedigree and could easily handle some snaps and opportunities to resemble his father. He doesn’t have the fancy feet of The Bus but we don’t need a bus we need a bulldozer. Perhaps we could deploy the two Sons of Ironhead in the backfield for a Two-Ironheaded Attack. Who could stop that?

Second choice should me Minkah. He already plays in the Victory Formation so all he has to do is take a few steps forward. Canada loves this kind of motion and pre-snap trickery. His mouth would excite and incite the opposing defense into a frenzy of overplay and create a perfect reverse or play-action pass opportunity.

Third option is Mark Robinson. He will need to actually play on defense for this to work but it could work very well. He is a RB playing LB and would love love love to run over a CB or S the way he runs through ballcarriers now. He could lead the league in unnecessary roughness penalties for running over defenseless CBs.

Am I missing anyone else? Who could be our Fridge?

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