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Mitch Trubisky got the job done vs. the Bengals, and that’s what matters

The Steelers were able to win in Week 1, and Mitch Trubisky was able to get the job done.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers don’t need Mitch Trubisky to play Superman for success in the 2022-2023 season. The organization needs him to perform just the way he did in Week 1 vs. the Cincinnati Bengals. He played mistake-free football, in regard to ball protection, game management, and making plays to contribute to a Steelers win.

Against the Bengals, Trubisky was 21-of-38 for 194 yards yards with nary an interception or fumble. He even held onto the football when an unnoticed Bengals’ defender took a hard chop at his arm from behind on a scramble.

I expected the defense to play strong, they can actually play Superman and they did vs. the Bengals, but the offense was a different story. No one knew what to expect from Trubisky and company.

As we know, in today’s big-money NFL, starters, most notably quarterbacks, don’t play much in preseason games. These starters are too valuable to lose in a meaningless game. Consequently, Trubisky looks as if he is shaking off a little rust like most Steelers’ starters were last Sunday in Cincinnati, OH.

It’s pretty much a given that first two weeks of each regular season are de facto preseason games (games 3.5 and 4) in that key players are still getting acclimated to 2022 game action, speed and plans. This is especially true in Trubisky’s case. He is literally transitioning from a backup to Josh Allen in Buffalo last year, to this year’s starter in Pittsburgh. With that being the case, it isn’t just going from backup to starter which is a big step, but also learning an entirely new playbook and scheme along with the change.

Trubisky is still working out the kinks; however, he got his first win and first 4th quarter comeback as a Steeler last Sunday, live on WKRP (in Cincinnati). He looked at the man in the mirror, and flaunted the resilience necessary in key moments, which the Steelers needed to move the ball into scoring position. None more important than the two drives in overtime putting the offense in field goal range, but especially the drive which led to Chris Boswell’s game-winning kick in overtime.

Rumble, young man, rumble.

Trubisky did all that the Steelers need him to do: Protect the ball, get warmed up/acclimated and find a way to win.

With that being said, Trubisky just needs to keep doing what he’s doing.

Win baby!

Next up? The regular season home opener vs. the New England Patriots at Acrisure Stadium. Here’s to hoping Trubisky winning is a growing trend in Pittsburgh.