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Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Steelers 17-14 loss to the Patriots in Week 2

The Steelers offense had two possessions down by three in the fourth quarter but could not manage a first down.

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Knee-jerk reactions are immediate responses to a situation without taking the time to analyze the situation. That’s something as sports fans that we typically do. Especially if you are a full blood Yinzer, or even just a part Yinzer. As is the custom, I compile my knee-jerk thoughts and publish them immediately after each Steelers game (my son Kyle might have a few things to say as well). It’s my version of running my mouth first and apologizing later (or not). So with that being said, I’m going to employ that philosophy here during Week 2 of the NFL Regular Season.

1st Quarter

  • Steelers to receive the opening kickoff. Here we go.
  • Real quick the Steelers get to a third down, need to convert. Don't do it and they go three and out.
  • Big Press booms that kick. Muffed! Steelers aren't able to recover and it goes for a touchback.
  • The defense quickly gets New England into a third long. Will we see the soft zone?
  • Oh look— soft zone gives up an easy completion over the middle for a first down.
  • What do you know New England converts a second third down. That would now be a third and eight and a third and four.
  • Another 14 yard pass and the defense is getting shredded currently. Are we sure that's not Tom Brady back there?
  • The swear jar is starting to fill up already. Where's the defense the Steeler showed last week?
  • Defense ends up playing bend but don't break and will force New England to try a field goal.
  • Short field goal converted. Patriots 3, Steelers 0.
  • Is it me or does Najee not look anything like Najee of last year?
  • Okay I'm not sure what happened on that play but the referees are calling it a fumble and the Patriots returned it for a touchdown. Thank God that review got it correct and the Steelers maintain possession and a first down.
  • Jaylen Warren with his first carry, running hard and picking up a first down.
  • Thought the Steelers should have been rushing to the line and going quarterback sneak on third and one, instead they take their dear sweet time and then have to call time out because the play clock is running out.
  • The Steelers pick up the first down but on the next play Trubisky's pass was tipped by a Patriot and then picked off. The offensive struggles continue.
  • On third down, Jones throws deep and Minkah picks it off!
  • End of the first quarter. Patriots 3, Steelers zero.

2nd Quarter

  • Najee converts his third straight run into a first down.
  • That's interesting. The Steelers had a third and 10 and actually threw the ball more than 10 yards.
  • Trubisky held the ball too long and then wasn't smart enough to throw it away and take the sack on first down. Now the Steelers will play from well behind the chains.
  • They called that catch by Diontae a first down. The Steelers hustle up and run a play to make sure it wasn't challenged.
  • Najee with a second effort picks up the first down.
  • On third down and four Trubisky had no time, as he planted on his back foot and had two Patriots on top of him. That will bring out Boz for the field goal try. It's good. Steelers 3, Patriots 3.
  • I hate that skycam thing that they use, especially on kickoffs.
  • If that's not a flag for grounding then I don't know what is. The flag does finally come out and they're going to get them for grounding.
  • Third down and long will we see the soft zone? It looks like it in the setup of the defense. Holding on New England. They completed short of the first down, but I'd take the penalty and the Steelers do.
  • Turns out the Steelers might have been better off declining that penalty, as on 3rd and 26th the Patriots are closer to the first down than they were before. I expect to see the Patriots go for it here on 4th and two.
  • I'm surprised Belichick punted there. It goes into the end zone for a touchback.
  • Steelers quickly end up in third and three. Nice catch and control by Claypool.
  • Come on Dan Moore.
  • That was a dangerous floating pass in the middle by Trubisky. Lucky it was just knocked down and the Steelers will punt.
  • Leal with a great defensive play on first down. He was playing in the outside linebacker spot on that play.
  • How in the world did they not call a false start on New England on that play? The tackle moved a full second before the snap.
  • Apparently when Dan Moore moves one foot that's a false start but when a Patriot tackle takes three steps back that's not a false start.
  • Witherspoon had great coverage but doesn't come up with it and the Patriots score touchdown. That was all set up by the officials failure to call the most obvious false start I've seen since the Chargers were in town. Patriots 10, Steelers 3.
  • It’s a George Pickens sighting!
  • Trubisky is flushed from the pocket could have thrown it away and save the time but instead takes a sack. I'm surprised we aren't hearing the chants for Kenny Pickett.
  • Mitch has taken three sacks in the first half, only one of which should have happened.
  • That's the half. Patriots 10, Steelers 3. Patriots receive the second half kickoff.

3rd Quarter

  • Patriots are moving the ball, but I'm getting tired of seeing their offensive line hold on every pass and not get flagged.
  • Third down and seven was nice to see a couple Steelers get run over by the running back to give up the first down. Tell me that Bill Belichick doesn't know the Steelers weaknesses.
  • The defense holds and the Patriots try a 52-yard field goal. It's missed to the open end of the stadium and the Steelers take over.
  • The Steelers offense has moved the ball a little bit, but they just don't feel like it's got real continuity.
  • Steelers have to burn a time out on offense. Hope they don't wish they had that one back at the end of the game.
  • Trubisky getting booed after that third down play. And I can't say I blame the fans— he sits, sits, sits so long that when he finally checks it down. The defender is on top of Warren right as he catches the ball.
  • It started. I hear the Kenny chants going.
  • Boswell knocks through the field goal. Patriots 10, Steelers 6. The offense needs to get it together and score some touchdowns.
  • Cam Sutton drops an easy interception! Gotta have those.
  • Luckily 3rd down pass not converted.
  • Gunner O gives a gift back to his former team on the punt. Throw on an unnecessary roughness penalty on the Steelers and the Patriots are down at the 10 yd line. That's the kind of play you can't give up to a Bill Belichick coached team.
  • The Patriots punch it in. You can't expect the defense to continue to hold up when put in such a short field. Patriots 17, Steelers 6. This is probably a lot more than the Steelers offense is able to overcome.
  • Finally the offense feels like it's getting some momentum. The hurry up has helped.
  • End of the third quarter. Patriots 17, Steelers 6.

4th Quarter

  • First play of the 4th quarter is Trubisky to Muth for the touchdown! Steelers go for two and for the moment it is converted. Patriots 17, Steelers 14.
  • It's sad when I can see the Steelers defense is in zone and the offense makes a slight motion and I know exactly where they should go with the football and they do for a nice gain. If I can see it I would imagine that opposing quarterbacks can see it as well
  • Hey, look at that— there was actually a holding call against New England.
  • Third down and at nine. Steelers of course give it up for a first down.
  • There has been next to no pressure on Mac Jones the entire game. Boy I miss T.J.
  • Defense finally holds on a third down and forces a punt.
  • Gunner chooses not to catch it this time and the Patriots down the ball at the 10 yd line.
  • Why does Trubisky look like he is falling backwards on every throw?
  • Steelers quickly in a third and long, and in typical fashion they throw a 1-yard pass that is tackled immediately. That's not fooling anybody. There come the Kenny chants again.
  • Great time for Big Press to hit a 39-yard punt.
  • Defense holds to a three and out. Nice play by Edmunds.
  • The Patriots are going to make the Steelers offense have to drive the ball to even have a chance to tie the game.
  • The offense manages a three and out. I don't see how the offense will be able to do anything they need to to win this game.
  • When the Steelers are in zone and have absolutely no pass rush, it is easy pickings for the offense.
  • Patriots are bleeding the clock, and the Steelers are not tackling runners.
  • The Patriots are just running the ball and running out the clock. And there's not a thing that the defense has been able to do about it.
  • Broken record here. Big run for the Patriots.
  • 2 minutes to play. The offense of the Steelers going three and out on their last two drives is turning out to be more than the defense is able to make up for.
  • The Steelers having to burn that time out earlier in the half looks like it will have an impact here at the end of the game.
  • Patriots pick up a first down and will be able to take a couple knees and run the clock out.
  • After the thriller last week the Steelers come out and lay a big goose egg for this one.
  • After 2 weeks of weak offensive performances, even the announcers are saying that the talk of when to bring in Kenny Pickett will be beginning in Pittsburgh.
  • Final score Patriots 17, Steelers 14.

There you have it, my knee jerks. so I will sit on this for a day analyze it and then to talk about it on The Scho Bro Show. CAN’T WAIT!!!