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David Anenih added to the inactive list for the Steelers in Week 2

With a practice squad elevation on Saturday, it’s Anenih who is added to the same inactive list from last week.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have released their inactives for their home opener against the New England Patriots. Due to no players being ruled out due to injury, the list is made up of all healthy scratches. With new roster rules which began in 2020, teams will only need to have five players inactive each game unless they elevate any players from the practice squad. With the elevation of Delonate Scott coming from the Steelers on Saturday, the six-man list comes courtesy of

Steelers Inactives

No. 2 QB Mason Rudolph
No. 53 G Kendrick Green
No. 82 WR Steven Sims
No. 92 DE Isaiahh Loudermilk
No. 93 LB Mark Robinson
No. 96 LB David Anenih

The new player to the list this week is outside linebacker David Anenih who was added to the Steelers 53-man roster on Thursday from the Tennessee Titans practice squad. Having to be signed to the active roster when coming from the practice squad of another team, it’s understandable the Steelers decided to elevate Delontae Scott and have Anenih inactive after only getting two practices in Pittsburgh.

With the Steelers only having two quarterbacks active on game day, it’s not surprise Mason Rudolph is on the inactive list. Carrying nine offensive linemen, the NFL rules allow 48 players to be active as long as eight of them are on the offensive line. Therefore, the additional lineman who is inactive for the Steelers in Week 2 once again is guard/center Kendrick Green.

Because the Steelers have six wide receivers all healthy and available, it is too much of a luxury to have them all active on game day. Although he earned a spot on the 53-man roster, Steven Sims is not on the active game-day roster for the second-straight week.

One position group the Steelers have kept on their 53-man roster is having seven defensive linemen. With the Steelers only typically having five defensive linemen active on game day, they have chosen to go with the six again in Week 2. For this reason, Isaiahh Loudermilk did not get a helmet for the second-straight week to start the season.

Another position on the defense where the Steelers possibly have one more player than needed on game day is at inside linebacker. For the second-straight week, rookie Mark Robinson is inactive.

As for the Patriots inactives, they can be seen below courtesy of

Patriots Inactives

No. 4 QB Bailey Zappe
No. 24 DB Joshuah Bledsoe
No. 25 CB Marcus Jones
No. 63 G Chasen Hines
No. 96 DT Sam Roberts