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Mitch Trubisky’s post-game comments calls Matt Canada into question

Mitch Trubisky didn’t hold back when asked why the offense wasn’t attacking the middle of the field.

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost in Week 2 to the New England Patriots 17-14, and the biggest question surrounding the loss wasn’t the defense, but the offense. Mitch Trubisky struggled in the game, and the offense failed to attack the middle of the field and press the ball downfield.

This is nothing new to the Steelers and their fans, but the question is whether the issues with the flat, and bland, offense is due to limited quarterback play, or the offensive coordinator.

Matt Canada has drawn his share of ire from the fan base since taking over the reigns of the offense in 2021, but how much of the offensive issues in 2022 are on Canada or Trubisky? Following the Patriots game Trubisky was at the podium to answers questions.

You’ll never guess what the first question was...I include the exact question and quote below for context.

What needs to happen with more down the field passing and over the middle passing with this offense?

“Call concepts to get receivers there. When the coverage dictates that, get them the ball within that.

“I saw a lot of post high, backers sitting in the middle, safety in the middle of the field. We like our outside matchups. We’ve got really good receivers. We’ve got really good talent across the board. We’d like to attack all areas of the field and get the ball to our playmakers. So, we could do a little bit better at everything for sure.”

Go ahead an re-read that quote again. Trubisky doesn’t hold back when talking about concepts called, etc. I don’t blame him. This could be Trubisky’s last shot at being a starter in the league, and the amount of heat he is feeling with Kenny Pickett waiting in the wings would force most into deferring some of the blame.

Let’s continue with Trubisky’s response...

Did you see a lot of single high today?


Follow-up: What are your options when you see that?

“If it’s man, best matchups. If it’s zone, find the holes. That comes down to timing and being in the right place at the right time. They did a good job mixing it up. They don’t only play one high. They play a bunch of coverages.

“We can be better at everything. I can be better at decision-making. We had some missed opportunities. I had some missed throws. We had a couple where we weren’t on the same page. Bottom line, we’ve got to score more points. So, our emphasis was to be better on third down this week. I think we were a little better at that, in the first half at least. In the fourth quarter, we’ve got to convert those to be able to stay on the field and give ourselves a chance. It just felt like missed opportunities by me and the offense. There’s a lot we can get better at. So, we’ve got to look at that and flush it really quick because we’ve got another game on Thursday. It’s going to come around fast. We’ve got to move on to the next one and make sure we’re getting better.”

Move on to the next one might be an understatement. When Mike Tomlin speaks to the media Monday, a day early with the Thursday night game in Week 3, he will be peppered with questions about the coordinator and the quarterback. Needless to say, the answers fans seek isn’t found in a sound byte or a press conference.

It’s on the field.

Trubisky will have a quick turnaround, and if he plays well it could be just what the doctor orders for his NFL future. However, put out another dud, and the Steelers might be looking at an extended break to get their rookie quarterback ready to take over.

Let us know what you think of these comments in the comment section below, and be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football in Week 3.