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Win a signed Cam Heyward football through BTSC!

Test your skills in picking NFL games and a signed Cam Heyward football could be yours.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: The first, second, third, and fourth survivor leagues have been filled with 100 members! To accommodate more participants, an additional league has now been created. The information and links have been updated below. In order to win the contest, users must outlast everyone in ALL the leagues! Make sure you check in at Behind The Steel Curtain throughout the season to get updates on the number of people remaining in each league.

Please do not enter a team in the new league if you have already used the same Yahoo ID in the earlier league. Entering in multiple leagues, or the same league multiple times, with the same ID will be grounds for disqualification.

As the league commissioner, I must be entered in each league. I will be making the same (most likely incorrect) pick in all leagues. The deadline to enter the league is still the deadline to make a pick for Week 1: 1 PM ET on Sunday 9/11.

For the 2022 season, Behind The Steel Curtain is giving away a signed Cam Heyward football! A great addition to your Steelers’ collection, it is a standard-sized football and comes with a certificate of authenticity. In order to win this fantastic prize, you’ll need a very small commitment for what could be the length of the entire NFL season.

How do you win this wonderful prize? It was so much fun the last three years we decided to bring back the competition again. That’s right, it’s Survivor Football!

If you are unaware how survivor football works, it is quite simple. For Week 1 of the NFL season you pick one team to win their game. That’s it. If your team wins, you move on to Week 2. There is no spread which needs covered, just a win. If your team loses, you’re out. If your team ties, you’re out because they did not win. The only catch is after you pick a team once, you can no longer use that team again. So if you pick the Steelers to beat the Cincinnati Bengals the first week, you cannot pick the Steelers any other week of the season.

The nice thing about a survivor league is there is no limit to the number of players who can be involved...kind of. All you have to do is make your pick each week until only one person remains. The last person standing will win the prize.

Unfortunately, we are limited to 100 participants in each league we set up. But don’t you worry, we will just create a new league once one is filled. We will continue this process all the way up until the final deadline to chose a team for Week 1. Of course, to win the signed football you must outlast participants from EVERY league. Please do not enter a team in more than one league with the same Yahoo ID. Multiple entries with the same ID will be grounds for disqualification. We will be updating the status weekly here at BTSC in order to know how many participants are still left in the other leagues, so make sure you follow along.

Here are the rules of play, which are outlined in the Commissioner’s note on the league's main page:

Now that the rules have been established, all you need is the instructions to join the league. First, since the league is being run through Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, you need to have a Yahoo! ID, If you need to create one, you can do so for free by clicking HERE and selecting “Create Account.” Once your account is set up and you are signed in, you simply need to go to Yahoo! Fantasy Sports -> Football -> Survivor, on simply click HERE to go directly to the sign-up page. If clicking the link given, the league ID and password should be automatically filled in. All you will have to do is enter something new where it says “Your Pick Set Name” and you are all set up. I highly suggest using your BTSC account name so others can better identify you. If you don’t have a BTSC account and screen name, what are you waiting for?

If for some reason the league ID number and password are not automatically filled in, here they are just in case:

If you choose, you can get e-mail reminders to make your picks. Just so you know, even though the deadline is 1:00 P.M. EST on Sundays, the Thursday night game can be used as a pick as long as it is selected before kickoff. If using a Thursday night team, once the game has started the pick cannot be changed.

So there you have it! Get signed up and get ready to start making your NFL picks! I know BTSC staff members will be joining the the group, so even if you don’t win the entire league you could earn bragging rights over your favorite (or least favorite) authors. Also, feel free to invite your Steelers friends to join as there is no limit to the entries.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below and I will be sure to address them.

Best of luck!