Canada Must Go

So our D just got pounded for a TD in a 6 minute drive. We get the ball and the other team has 2 backup LBs in the game and has had problems with communication in the secondary. If Belichick is the coach I guarantee he calls up to the booth and says "If one of the next three plays is not a rub route or a seam route to the tight end, you will not be boarding the team bus on the way home and can file for unemployment when you get home".

I am not generally part of the fire anybody brigade but I am out of patience. Does this clown know it is legal to throw the ball between the hashes other than when the other team is playing prevent?

Trubisky is not Bradshaw or Ben but he deserves better play design. Yeah the D got run on in the second half but the other side of the ball did them no favors.

Fire Canada! Yesterday.

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