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3 games to watch in Week 3 which give perspective on the Steelers future opponents

There are several NFL games this week which will help get a better understanding of teams the Steelers face later in 2022

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

With the Pittsburgh Steelers already playing their game for Week 3, this Sunday offers a number of games which fans could take in. When Steelers Nation looks to see what else has gone on around the NFL, there are a few matchups between two teams on the Steelers schedule, either past or future, which could give some insight into things to come.

First off, lets check out how the three games from last week ended up. Two of the games involved big comebacks to win it while the other seemed fairly uneventful. When it comes to the betting lines for the game, the following information is the current consensus spread this week as reported by DraftKings Sportsbook.

New York Jets (31) at Cleveland Browns (30)

I thought this game was over. As I was driving home after the Steelers game to do the Post Game Show, I didn’t even pay attention to the score and only found out later that the Jets came back to win it. Scoring 14 points in just over the last minute and a half was not something I expected. Unfortunately, there was not a hangover from this loss for the Browns on Thursday night.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (20) at New Orleans Saints (10)

This game was 3–3 until almost halfway through the fourth quarter. Tampa Bay finally got on the scoreboard with a touchdown and added another one on defense before the Saints scored late. I don’t know if there’s much to be taken from how this game ultimately played out.

Miami Dolphins (42) at Baltimore Ravens (38)

The reason I missed the end of the Browns game is because I was following the end of the Dolphins and Ravens game. It was another epic collapse by a team to give up a huge lead at the end of the game. With Miami now 2–0 with one of their wins over the Patriots who took down the Steelers, this game is showing more about the Steelers quality of opponents than anything else.

For Week 3, here are the three games which could give the most perspective on what the Steelers can expect with some of their future opponents:

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

Sunday at 1:00 PM on CBS
Spread: BUF (-5)

This is a big game in the AFC East with two undefeated teams. Additionally, the Steelers travel to both of these teams to face off prior to their bye week. So far both teams seem strong, but Sunday might show which team is stronger.

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots

Sunday 1:00 PM on FOX
Spread: BAL (-3)

The Steelers have already faced the New England Patriots in 2022, and they do not face the Ravens until December. Still, this matchup is intriguing just to see how a team that the Steelers could not finish off fairs against someone they still have to play twice.

Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets

Sunday at 1:00 PM on CBS
Spread: CIN (-6)

Once again this game features a team Steelers have already played, but the Steelers will face the Bengals again in 2022. More importantly, the Steelers next matchup is against the New York Jets which will either bring the Steelers back to .500 or put them in a huge hole moving forward. Let’s see how these teams matchup against each other.

So there are the three main matchups which can give Steelers fans an indication as to the quality of upcoming opponents in 2022. With each passing week, a little bit more understanding about each team is able to be determined.

Which of these other games will be the most telling as it pertains to the 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers? Make sure you vote in the poll and give your thoughts in the comments below.


Which NFL game do you think will tell the 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers the most about their upcoming season?

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    Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins
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  • 27%
    Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots
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  • 30%
    Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets
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