Trubisky or Canada?

A lot of people are really eager to bench Trubisky and start Pickett on the assumption that that will solve all our problems on offense, but will it really? I don't know, I'm just asking, but as tempting as it is to believe our first round rookie QB will solve all our problems, there's great reason to believe that starting him at this point would only increase our problems.

I should be clear, this isn't an X's and O's argument. I'd love to be able to break down play designs and tell you whether Trubisky is ignoring open receivers in the middle of the field or Canada is just running plays to the sidelines. It may be a bit of both. I wish I could do that; but I can't. My point is just that if you can't do that either you should maybe be a little more cautious about suggestion we throw Pickett into this offense.

On paper, Canada is a great prospect as OC. A guy with a lot of success in college who doesn't have pro tendencies teams can prepare for and can better help a rookie QB make the transition to the pros than an OC who hasn't been connected with college football for a decade or more. Of course, that depends on the OC making the transition to the pros effectively, and coaches can't always do that, no matter how good they are in college. Even Nick Saban, a god in college football, was a failure in the NFL. Spurrier, Meyer, Harbaugh, the list of famous college coaches who return to college football after failing miserably in the pros is a lengthy one. Everyone blamed last season on Ben's lack of mobility and arm strength, but did he go downhill that much from 2020 or is Canada's offense just not confusing defenses and not giving pro QB's room to be pros?

What if the Steelers are using Trubisky as the guinea pig to test Canada's offense, and if it works they hand it over to Pickett, but if it doesn't work they let Trubisky suffer through trying to work a broken offensive system rather than stunt Pickett's development by teaching him as a rookie how to play pro football the wrong way? Maybe this year isn't so much about whether or not Trubisky is bettter than Pickett as it is whether Canada is better than Todd Haley (just as an example)? Like I said, I don't know, but after watching a small sample size of 3 games (including a garbage Thurs night game) I can't say I'd mind seeing Haley (or someone else) calling plays instead of Canada right now...

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