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Get the latest BTSC gear for the Steelers’ rookie wide receiver, George Pickens

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a stud wide receiver in George Pickens. Get the latest BTSC shirt featuring “The Catch”

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The 2022 regular season is in full swing, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have found a stud wide receiver in George Pickens.

Pickens slid to the second round in the 2022 NFL Draft, and has already proven he is worthy of that pick. Either way, fans are excited, and rightfully so, about what Pickens brings to the team, so why not get some new gear to show off your Steelers pride?! Of course, this could be the perfect gift for the Steelers fan in your life!

The new design is simple, and is officially licensed by the NFLPA.

It doesn’t say anything, but just shows off Pickens’ incredible one-handed sideline catch vs. the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football in Week 3.

The image shows Pickens snagging the ball out of the air...

Check out the design below:

By now, you might be wondering how to order yours? Just click the link below, and get yours today!!

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