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Outlining the Pittsburgh Steelers weekly schedule during the regular season

As the Steelers prepare for their first game of the 2022 regular season, here is a reminder of what fans can expect each day.

Cleveland Browns v. Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s finally here! The Pittsburgh Steelers are officially in preparation for Week 1 of the regular season.

Since it’s been almost nine months since the Steelers have been preparing for a game in their typical manner, we here at BTSC thought it would be helpful to remind fans how the Steelers generally operate during a game week. The following schedule is based on the Steelers playing a game on Sunday with the next game also being on a Sunday.


This is typically a day off for the Steelers players. Just because they don’t practice does not mean players are not at the facility. Normally being the day after a game, players often come to the facility for treatment and film. If the Steelers did not play the previous week, this is often a day where the team has a bonus practice.


The second day in the week is more affectionately known as ‘Tomlin Tuesday’ to Steelers fans. Typically the Steelers head coach gives his weekly press conference at approximately 12 PM ET. Otherwise, it is a day off for the players as they get ready to begin practice the following day. If the Steelers have a Thursday night game, they generally have some sort of practice this day, usually in the form of a walk through. This is also the day where the Steelers must announce which four players on the practice squad, if any, they would like to protect for the week so they cannot be signed by another team until after the game.


This is typically the day the Steelers have their first practice of the week to prepare for their upcoming opponent. Following practice, at approximately 4 PM ET, the Steelers release their first injury report for the week. If the Steelers have an opponent in a different time zone, they can hold off on the injury report if they choose. In previous seasons, it was also known as ‘Ben’s Day’ as the quarterback generally has his time with the media. Whether or not the Steelers will follow this same routine has yet to be officially established.


The Steelers continue chugging through with their preparation for their game with their second practice of the week and the release of their second injury report. It is also usually ‘Coordinator Thursday’ where the media has time with the Steelers offensive, defensive, and special teams coordinators.


The Steelers have their final practice of the week on Friday and release their injury/status report for the week. It’s at this time where we have the best indication if any players will be missing for the upcoming matchup.


Depending on if the Steelers are home or away will determine exactly how Saturday plays out during a game week based if they are traveling. Either way, the Steelers have some sort of walk-through to prepare for the game the next day. Additionally, the Steelers have until 4 PM ET to make any roster moves ahead of the game including an elevation from the practice squad.


It’s game day! About 90 minutes before kickoff, the Steelers must announce their inactives for the game. After this, all that’s left is taking the field and leaving with a victory. After the game, Coach Tomlin and various players speak to the media.

So there is the typical weekly schedule for the Pittsburgh Steelers during their game week. As always, Behind The Steel Curtain will be there for all the coverage as the Steelers prepare to take on their various opponents each week.