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Analyzing the Steelers offensive Pro Football Focus grades for the 2022 preseason

In the grades provided by PFF throughout the preseason, even players who were just acquired have been included.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers concluded their 2022 NFL preseason and have establishedtheir 53-man roster. Although the Steelers came away with a 3-0 record, there are still areas of growth to work out leading up to Week 1. Both the offense and defense had their ups and downs over the three games.

But how did the individual players grade out?

For this exercise, we will be looking at the player grades from Pro Football Focus (PFF) for the Steelers entire preseason performance. Finally, these are the grades for the Steelers combined over all three games. Before going any further, I must give the typical disclaimer that PFF grades are subjective. While some people rely on them heavily, others are quite skeptical of the process in which they are determined. It is completely up to each person as to how much stock they put into PFF’s grades. For me, I often look at the grades to see if my own “eye test” lines up with what others viewed as how a player performed. If nothing more, the grades create a discussion about how accurate, or inaccurate, they are each week.

Instead of looking at the entire team at once, we break up the scores into offense, defense, and special teams. Next up is the offense. Included will be all the players on their current 53-man roster or are eligible to return from the Reserve/Injured List (IR) along with the total snap counts for each player. Players who were on other teams in the preseason will be noted (with a +), and players who had no snaps will be at the bottom of each section. Additionally, there are sections for the players currently on the practice squad as well as the top scores of players not currently on the team (or on IR and are not eligible to return).


Top 5 (regardless of position)

WR Diontae Johnson: 86.4 (32 snaps)
WR Chase Claypool: 83.2 (16 snaps)
QB Mitch Trubisky: 83.1 (61 snaps)
QB Kenny Pickett: 80.4 (67 snaps)
TE Pat Freiermuth: 79.4 (48 snaps)

Bottom 5 (regardless of position)

G Kevin Dotson: 50.7 (56 snaps)
+OT Jesse Davis (MIN): 49.5 (29 snaps)
RB Benny Snell Jr.: 48.6 (27 snaps)
G Kendrick Green: 46.0 (100 snaps)
TE Connor Heyward: 43.1 (78 snaps)


QB Mitch Trubisky: 83.1 (61 snaps)
QB Kenny Pickett: 80.4 (67 snaps)
QB Mason Rudolph: 75.1 (61 snaps)

Having the second best PFF score for quarterback each game, it makes sense that the top overall performance went to Mitch Trubisky. In total, all three quarterbacks played well during the preseason.

Running Backs

RB Jaylen Warren: 73.5 (59 snaps)
RB Najee Harris: 61.3 (28 snaps)
RB Benny Snell Jr.: 48.6 (27 snaps)

FB Derek Watt: N/A (0 snaps)

Jaylen Warren lead the way at running back in all three games, so seeing him on top of the list is not surprising. It shows Warren deserves the RB2 spot he landed on the Steelers depth chart.


WR Diontae Johnson: 86.4 (32 snaps)
WR Chase Claypool: 83.2 (16 snaps)
TE Pat Freiermuth: 79.4 (48 snaps)
WR George Pickens: 76.5 (75 snaps)
TE Zach Gentry: 67.7 (33 snaps)
WR Miles Boykin: 65.5 (66 snaps)
WR Steven Sims: 63.5 (75 snaps)
WR Gunner Olszewski: 61.8 (92 snaps)
TE Connor Heyward: 43.1 (78 snaps)

(IR) WR Calvin Austin III: N/A (0 snaps)

The Steelers preseason PFF rankings at receiver pretty much show where they likely will fall in terms of usage and targets in the regular season if all goes as planned. With the top four players being the three starting wide receivers and the tight end, it bodes well for the position group going forward.

Offensive Line

OT Chuks Okorafor: 77.8 (77 snaps)
C J.C. Hassenauer: 72.5 (105 snaps)
G James Daniels: 66.4 (77 snaps)
OT Trent Scott: 64.6 (96 snaps)
OT Dan Moore Jr.: 62.8 (107 snaps)
C Mason Cole : 59.0 (77 snaps)
G Kevin Dotson: 50.7 (56 snaps)
+OT Jesse Davis (MIN): 49.5 (29 snaps)
G Kendrick Green: 46.0 (100 snaps)

Despite what some fans believe as they continue to base their opinions of offensive line play on things that could be seasons old, Chuks Okorafor was the most solid offensive lineman for the Steelers throughout the preseason. With that in mind, being the top lineman would be more beneficial if both his and everyone’s scores were higher. James Daniels rebounded well with his third performance. Unfortunately, it appears Jesse Davis fits right in with the Steelers offensive line, at least in terms of his PFF score.

Offensive Practice Squad

WR Cody White: 65.0 (57 snaps)
RB Anthony McFarland Jr.: 62.7 (40 snaps)
G William Dunkle (PIT & PHI): 61.6 (43 snaps)
G John Leglue: 61.5 (112 snaps)
+TE Justin Rigg (CIN): 60.5 (33 snaps)
C Ryan McCollum (PIT & DET): 59.0 (36 snaps)

Top Scores of Players not on the 53 or Practice Squad

WR Tyler Vaughns: 85.6 (43 snaps)
T Joe Haeg: 70.4 (49 snaps)
T Adrian Ealy: 61.4 (4 snaps)
WR Tyler Snead: 60.5 (36 snaps)
T Chaz Green: 54.4 (64 snaps)

So, what do you think of the above grades? Do they pass the eye test? Let us know your thoughts on the Steelers’ offensive grades in the comments below.