I can't watch... This is the Jack Rabbit Season Opener

Don't be mistaken by the title, I will watch. I can't wait to watch... but this season opener is like riding the Jack Rabbit at Kennywood Park - Circa 1980. I might close my eyes and hold on for dear life!

We waited patiently for and got the last seat. We waited for and got the #1QB in round 1 of the draft - our guy!

A few solid ups and downs. Wooden coasters are built so solidly. Dad taught me about the crisscrossing beams for extra support. The white paint chipping in some areas but still distinctively white. They don't make them like this any more. Those new fangled metal ones that loop (one time) are ok... but this is a real coaster. We never make many splash moves in the offseason. We lost some flash and picked up some sizzle. We like to build it solid. Old School. Add a veteran OL or two with NFL experience. Add a LB that tackles. The paint is chipping but they don't make teams like this anymore. We have a FB you know.

We ascended the big hill of the old wooden structure comforted by the familiar sounds of clicking, chains, and tracks. Long slow climb before the true ride begins. These lap belts don't really fit well... The bar is a long way from your chest. but the excitement exceeds the fear. It was a vintage training camp at Latrobe. Though the OL didn't look to improve and the MLB position remained worrisome - Football in shorts and pads was back. This is the way football is supposed to be.

At the top of the coaster we look out over the surprisingly majestic Mon-Valley... Duquesne and Braddock, McKeesport and Homestead... even Turtle Creek all look so pretty from here. We look great on paper, from this height, with these homer eyes. The Heywood and Watt families, Minkah and Najee, Johnson and Claypool and Friermuth and Pickens, I still don't want to be Cleveland or Baltimore or Cincinatti.

A slight dahn hill to pick up speed and around a bend... The famed double dip is here. Here we go! My brother takes the seat belt off... Mitch is starting... Oh no! My brother insists we raise our hands... Johnson is limited in practice - yikes! Yes there is a space at the bottom where you feet can wedge but... we have Pickett in the wings but can he Ben us? We have Pickens but can he Stallworth us? This last car jumps remember! He could die! We could die! Cincinnati is good - we might get slaughtered... Tomlin could have a loosing season. I can't watch. I can't watch. I hear that new Styx song playing in the picnic area below "Oh mama I'm in fear for my life... Oh mama I can hear you a'cryin... Hangman is comin dahn from the gallows and we don't have very long..." I hope my brother lives. I hope I live. This coaster doesn't look or feel safe. The wood looks rotted, crossbeams are missing. This last car is barely attached. I hear that old Styx song in my head - the jig may be up. The news will soon be out... this could be the end of the wanted man. I sure hope Tomlin survives this. We have so many holes. He's a good guy and a great coach.

I lived that day... and I'll live this day... but I can't watch... But I will watch.

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