Insider Floats Mike Tomlin Trade Scenario

Brian Flores The Next Head Coach

1. Chicago Bears (3-14)

Will Anderson Jr.*


2. Houston Texans (3-13-1)

Bryce Young*


3. Arizona Cardinals (4-13)

Tyree Wilson


4. Indianapolis Colts (4-12-1)

C.J. Stroud*


5. Seattle Seahawks (via trade with 5-12 Broncos)

Myles Murphy*


6. Detroit Lions (via trade with 5-12 Rams)

Peter Skoronski*


7. Las Vegas Raiders (6-11)

Will Levis


8. Atlanta Falcons (7-10)

Paris Johnson Jr.*


9. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-8) (via trade with 7-10 Carolina)

Jalen Carter*


Has elite quickness and agility considering his size. Has an impressive first step and always leaves the blocker off guard

Carter has impressive lateral speed able to shadow backs in the run game

Awesome change of direction skills - a super quick twitch athlete who consistently dominates slower-footed lineman

Has the strong core and powerful hands to shed blockers and shows excellent instincts with the ability to quickly locate the ball.

Can make the impressive chest-to-chest bear hug tackle in the hole due to his ability to wreak havoc in the backfield.

Carter is easily strong enough in the lower body to hold up at the point of attack, and he displays a good feel as a grappler in the phone booth, consistently getting blockers off-balance before powering them to the ground

Has the skills to play all positions along the line at Georgia he was used as a 1-tech, 2i, 3-tech, and 5-tech

Immense strength gives ends a chance to twist inside and linebackers free lane to the passer on blitzes.

He’s a good lateral mover who shows surprising speed for a 300-pounder when chasing the ball carrier in pursuit.

An instinctive natural pass rusher who possesses an array of moves to dominate - needs to be double-teamed

Not just an interior pash rusher - became a dominant run defender


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