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The Steelers will not play an international game in 2023

With the announcement of the 5 teams hosting the games this fall, none fit in the Steelers schedule.

NFL: NOV 03 Texans v Jaguars Photo by Martin Leitch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers have fans everywhere. While many times there are NFL commentators who talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers fans “traveling well” as they take over a visiting team’s stadium, a large part of the equation is the fact that there are Steelers fans all over to where these games are more accessible. Not only is this true in the United States, but it spreads across the globe.

For this reason, many international fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers are longing for them to play a game in which they could possibly attend. These fans wait each season to see if their beloved Black & Gold will be venturing outside of the U.S. for one of their games in the upcoming season.

For the 2023 NFL regular season, once again the Pittsburgh Steelers will not be participating in any of the five international games.

On Thursday, the NFL announced there’s five teams who will be playing in international games this season. As explained by NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, the international games since 2021 when the NFL expanded to 17 regular season games will have the majority of them come from the conference and which teams have the extra home game.

For the 2023 regular season, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, and Tennessee Titans will all be playing in London. The other two international games which involve the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots will take place in Germany. Pelissero went on to explain that there is no international game in Mexico this season because of stadium renovations.

Although the Pittsburgh Steelers were not selected as a home team for any of these five games, something that would make it quite difficult due to their stadium lease in Pittsburgh, the Steelers are not matched up against any of these five AFC teams to where they are scheduled to face them on the road. The Steelers arre scheduled to face the Jaguars, Patriots, and Titans this season, all three of those contests will be scheduled at Acrisure Staudium. For this reason, the Steelers will not play internationally this regular season.

The last time the Steelers played a regular season game internationally was in 2013 when they traveled to London in Week 4 to face the Minnesota Vikings. The Steelers fell in defeat to the Vikings by a score of 34–27 in a contest where both teams entered with a 0–3 record.

Stay tuned to Behind The Steel Curtain for continued coverage of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 offseason.