Any Future Steelers Playing This Weekend? (Offensive Edition)

I get it, I get it. You want them all to lose You don't want to hear about Philly winning a ring (or winning anything for that matter). You don't care to see KC cement themselves as the class of the AFC. You don't want San Francisco to get to our level of 6 rings. I don't even need to talk about the Bengals, although I will in just a moment.

So why watch these games? As happens in the NFL, every one of their free agents will want more money. You can't afford to pay everybody so there will be some players available off of all of these rosters. Do the Steelers want any of them? Do you? Can they afford the ones they may want?

My thinking is that the best way to help our offense is to improve the talent along the offensive line where Dan Moore and Kevin Dotson appear to be the weakest links, as well as an upgrade to our WR3. Calvin Austin may be that upgrade at WR3, but until it happens the phrase "may be" isn't anything we should count on. Here's a look at what I consider to be viable upgrades from the AFC and NFC Championship games to our sluggish offense.

*I know nothing about scheme-fit, blocking styles, techniques, etc. Just showing who is available and any numbers that may help .

Can I interest you in a Tackle? There are 2 that are still playing who will be free agents in about 6 weeks.

KC's LT Orlando Brown Jr is just 26 years old and has PFF scores the last 3 years of 71/59/77. His estimated (from Spotrac) Market Value is a 5 year/$112 million contract. The Steelers historically do not pay big money (or even use high draft picks) on the Tackle position. I don't see that changing now.

SF's RT Mike McGlinchey is 27 with PFF of 72/70/80. Estimated Market Value of 4years/$44million. He did miss 8 games in 2021 but started all 17 in 2022. This seems very doable IF the Steelers like Chuks Okorafor better than Dan Moore at LT as McGlinchey has played only RG and RT from what I can tell. McGlinchey is young enough that through the end of that 4 years he should still be playing well.

For reference sake, LT Dan Moore is 24, PFF of 62/59, started all 17 games this season. Chuks is 25, PFF 61/64/58, started all 17. If the PFF scores are to be believed (should've capitalized 'if') McGlinchey should be an immediate upgrade at RT even if Chuks can't beat out Moore at LT.

Now to an upgrade from Kevin Dotson at LG. Philly's Isaac Seumalo is 29, PFF 75/74/62 and started all 17 with an estimated Market Value of 2years/$24million. For comparison Dotson is 26, PFF 65/65/66 and started all 17. Is $12million per year too much? Or is it a fair price for turning your weakest link into your strongest?

Now to that WR upgrade. There is one soon-to-be free agent still playing. We know him very well. JuJu Smith-Schuster. I'm not sure he would consider coming back, but I'm pretty sure the Steelers wouldn't even consider him with an estimated Market Value of 4years/$58million.

That's it for the offensive free agents I feel are worthy of consideration from this weekends games.

But wait, I promised Bengals talk, didn't I? Yes, I did. This upgrade would involve a trade for a player under contract with a division rival. While there's a new wave of trading existing players for draft picks in the NFL, only 1 such trade happened between division rivals when Miami sent WR DeVante parker to New England. The "don't trade within the divisiom" thinking alone may make it unrealistic, but here goes.

Tyler Boyd is under contract through 2023. He is 28, PFF 71/73/73, played in 14 games this season. Why would the Bengals consider trading him? because he is likely to be too expensive to sign after next year when you consider Joe Burrow will be getting an estimated $44million per year, Tee Higgins younger and more productive and after 2023 is due an estimated $20million per year with Ja'Marr Chase coming due the following year for around $25million or more. Much as the Steelers traded away an unnecessary WR before paying Claypool, Cincinnati could look to get a draft pick for Boyd before he becomes a free agent. Boyd's contract is very trade friendly as he is due $8.5mil but would only be a $1.4mil dead cap hit to the Bengals.

So If you are the GM do you make a move for any of these guys?

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