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Saturday Night Seelers Open Thread: Rose Colored Glasses

Another Saturday night meeting of the black-and-gold minds!

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

We got more snow this week. Have I mentioned how much I dislike snow? Like bungals and stains dislike... Disgusting stuff.

Sure it looks pretty for 47 seconds but then what? Gotta shovel it off the drive. Messes up your drive to work. Too bloody cold to go for a run. Hell, even the dog wants to cut her walks short.

How long before summer?

  1. In this day and age of instant gratification, what are your thoughts on the Steelers approach (loyalty, consistency, principles) of the long run to our beloved football team?
  2. What are your realistic thoughts on when you expect to see the Steelers playing in February again? Give a reason or two to support your thoughts.
  3. The Jets, Broncos, Browns and Texans each finished last in their respective divisions. Do you think an all star team based on the rosters of those 4 teams would beat any of the four remaining teams?
  4. What is your favourite thing about Winter. Wrong answers only!!!
  5. Rewatched the movie “The Commitments” last weekend. It is easily one of my favourite movie sound tracks. Acknowledging that Die Hard has the best sound track ever... give us 3 or 4 of your top movie sound tracks.