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NFL Power Rankings, Week 18: Steelers continue to climb after third straight win

Checking in on the latest rankings, and where the Steelers reside after their Week 17 win.

NFL: JAN 01 Steelers at Ravens Photo by Charles Brock/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers were winners in Week 17 of the 2022 regular season, beating the Baltimore Ravens on the road on Sunday Night Football. Through 16 games of the regular season it has been extremely difficult to gauge where the Steelers rank among their NFL peers.

How far did the team rise after winning in Week 17? Based on this week’s NFL Power Rankings, not too far, but that isn’t say much considering where they were ranked before their latest loss on the season.

All in all, the Steelers’ rankings this week were all over the map. The truth might be somewhere in the middle, but it’s that time of the week where we take a look at other outlets’ rankings after Week 17 of regular season action.

(Editor’s Note: Due to the suspension of the Bengals vs. Bills game on Monday night, many outlets did not produce their weekly Power Rankings.)

The Sporting News

1. Kansas City Chiefs
2. San Francisco 49ers
3. Buffalo Bills
4. Philadelphia Eagles
5. Dallas Cowboys
6. Cincinnati Bengals
7. Los Angeles Chargers
8. Minnesota Vikings
9. New York Giants
10. Baltimore Ravens
18. Pittsburgh Steelers

“Where there’s an overachieving team for Belichick, there’s also one for Mike Tomlin. The Steelers being alive for a playoff spot with their defensive injuries and offensive transition is nothing short of remarkable, putting them on the brink of another winning season with Tomlin.”

Yahoo! Sports

1. Kansas City Chiefs
2. Cincinnati Bengals
3. San Francisco 49ers
4. Philadelphia Eagles
5. Buffalo Bills
6. Dallas Cowboys
7. Los Angeles Chargers
8. Green Bay Packers
9. Jacksonville Jaguars
10. Baltimore Ravens
17. Pittsburgh Steelers

“Mike Tomlin can’t be killed.”

Pro Football Network

Week 18 NFL Power Rankings: Tier 3 | The Playoff Contenders

18. Pittsburgh Steelers

“Somehow, the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to avoid complete disaster, despite fielding one of the NFL’s five or six least-talented teams. Mike Tomlin is a wizard, and he deserves an incredible amount of respect. Not just for what he’s done over his career when the cards were in his favor, but over the past two seasons where he worked with scraps and put together two impressive results.

It felt like time to blow things up, particularly with the Bengals, Ravens, and Browns all seemingly more talented on paper than Pittsburgh. But the Steelers are the most consistent franchise in the sport, and that consistency and organizational culture seem to consistently overcome overwhelming odds.

A win against Baltimore gets the Steelers back to .500. If they win next week and bot Miami and New England lose, the Steelers won’t only have a winning record, they’ll make the playoffs.”

What do you think of these rankings? Should the Steelers be higher? Are they ranked too high? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the team as they prepare for the Cleveland Browns in Week 18.