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Najee Harris sticks up for Matt Canada after Steelers season ends

The Pittsburgh Steelers running back has full trust and faith in Matt Canada.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Well, this isn’t going to be a popular opinion, but Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris is fine with offensive coordinator Matt Canada. Yes, that Matt Canada. The man who the vast majority of Steelers fans want to be run out of town now that the team’s season is officially over.

After the Steelers 28-14 win over the Cleveland Browns in Week 18, Harris had this to say to ESPN’s Brooke Pryor when talking about his offensive play caller.

“I can’t control none of that [Canada’s future], so I’m not really gonna answer that ... but we all believe in Canada.

“Everybody’s saying he called the same plays, but everybody calls the same plays. You can look at everybody everywhere. Everybody calls the same plays.”

If there is a player on the Steelers roster who isn’t afraid to speak his mind to the media, on a multitude of topics, it would be Harris. Also, with the season officially over, if Harris saw the writing on the wall for Canada, he might be answering these questions differently.

As fans continually attack Canada’s play calling, Harris continued his support for the man who has called the plays for two seasons now with the Steelers.

“All that play calling stuff, I think that’s just a cover-up for just the lack of stuff we were doing on the field as players. I never bought into none of that.

“Because I know at the end of the day, we’re the ones who gotta make the plays.”

There has long been a debate on who is to blame for a stale, or ineffective offensive game plan. The players or the coach? In this instance, Harris makes his stance on the debate very clear. The players are the ones who have to go out and execute the plays/game plan.

As stated earlier, this won’t be a popular opinion for many Steelers fans, but it is worth noting as the Steelers now plunge into their lengthy offseason after winning four straight games to finish the season with a 9-8 record. Will Canada survive the week? Or will he be like Todd Haley and Randy Fichtner before him?

Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the new league year to start in early spring.