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Cam Heyward calls Steelers’ Miles Killebrew the Captain Marvel of NFL Week 5

Cameron Heyward #97 of the Pittsburgh Steelers is introduced prior to a game against the San Francisco 49ers at Acrisure Stadium on September 10, 2023 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Steelers All-Pro DT Cam Heyward is rehabbing a groin injury that landed him on the injured reserve, and of course, enjoying his bye week. So, what better way to spend some time than chatting ball on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football?

Heyward joined the crew Wednesday morning, all smiles. “It’s good! It’s bye week! We’re in first place. It’s a good, good week.”

Of course, they had to kick things off by discussing the Steelers Week 5 win over the Ravens, “It wasn’t pretty, but we didn’t ask for it to be pretty,” Heyward said.

Heyward had plenty of praise to go around, but of course, as a defensive captain, he had to give plenty of kudos to his side of the ball. “The defense... T.J. Watt, Miles Killebrew, Alex Highsmith, Joey Porter Jr. getting his first interception, Miles Killebrew getting a block... it sounds like a Steelers game, and it was a Steelers game.”

The GMFB crew kept it real, playing into Heyward’s fandom for Marvel, Iron Man, and all things superheroes, and asked him to personify various comic book characters with Week 5 performances from around the NFL. Here’s what Heyward came up with.

Comparing Week 5 performances to superheroes

  • Spiderman — Falcons RB Bijan Robinson (Sticky hands, acrobatics)
  • Wolverine — Chiefs TE Travis Kelce (Healing powers! Suffered ankle injury, returns to score the game-winning touchdown)

Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel — Steelers S Miles Killebrew

  • (Clutch, critical blocked punt to save the game!)

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