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Steelers Friday Mailbag: What will the Steelers record be after Week 10?

Your questions get answered ahead of the Steelers bye.

NFL: OCT 08 Ravens at Steelers Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to the weekly Steelers Friday Mailbag, where we answer your questions every week.

Q: With the Steelers on a bye, and the only place “Steelers” fans can chant “Fire Canada” are at hockey games, will this be the break that hard core Steelers fans need to settle down and appreciate where the team stands in the divisions at this time in the season? Will they be able to get a grip and see that the team is still developing young players, or will we see the same hatred spewed at games and the interwebs?- Polamolicules Dude

Fans have every right to be annoyed with an organization who tolerates mediocrity and incompetence. Do I think it’s dumb to do it at a hockey game? A little. But the “Fire Canada” chants aren’t going anywhere unless the offense magically gets much better, which we’ve seen proven time and time again it won’t.

Q: Let’s assume the issue with the offense isn’t Canada. What is his scheme supposed to be doing and what are the players not doing to execute well?- DWoods2u

If we find out in hindsight that Canada wasn’t the biggest problem, it will be because the Steelers got a new quarterback and continued to fix the offensive line. That said, Canada is quite obviously a huge problem.

Q: Next year’s cap hits, savings:

Cam $22M, $16M

DJ. $15.8, $10M

Chuks. $11.8M, $8.75M

Daniels $11.6M, $8.25M

Who stays, who goes, who gets reworked?- RenoSteelersFans

Cam Heyward isn’t going anywhere, I could see some of his money getting converted to roster bonuses. Diontae Johnson is a giant maybe. I could see him going elsewhere. If Chuks comes back, I think some fans will audibly groan. I think if Daniels comes back, he gets kicked to center to replace Mason Cole.

Q: Will the Steelers finally draft a real center in next year’s draft?- Lambert’s Lunatic 58

It’s more than likely to happen, and happen in the first or second round. They can’t keep dilly dallying around with the offensive line.

Q: Who’s going to be calling plays after the bye?- CorunnaXB70

Matt Canada.

Q: What is the current makeup of the Steelers’ Depth Chart, and is that expected to change after the bye week?- SteelerSince73

Diontae Johnson will be coming back, which will be a nice boost. Joey Porter Jr. and Keeanu Benton will be starters from here on out. If they aren’t then this organization should fold and find coaches who don’t partake in malpractice.

Q: What are the restrictions on players as regards to the bye week? Can they leave town? Do dangerous activities, like snow skiing? Do they get paid for the week? Give us all the skinny on it.- steelwoman

Some players go on vacations with their families, some guys just relax. It’s their week to do whatever. In terms of certain activities, each organization, player, situation etc. is likely different. I’m sure teams wouldn’t be crazy if their star player is going bouldering in New Mexico during the bye.

Q: If the Steelers can win against the Rams to go to 4-2.

With 3 home games against the Jags, Titans and the Packers.

Which game(s) do they win/lose to finish up the front nine?

I’m going with 6-3 . They lose to the Titans. Henry is the difference in that game.

Respectfully, I’d be incredibly shocked if they get to 6-3 in this stretch. I think they’ll lose to the Rams and Jaguars, beat Tennessee, and then Green Bay is a toss up. 5-4 at best, 4-5 at worst is what I’m seeing.