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NFL Insider labels Steelers as perfect landing spot for Kirk Cousins

Could the Steelers actually go out and get Kirk Cousins

Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers enter their bye week at 3-2 and in first place in the AFC North. That said, the offense is amongst the worst in the NFL. They currently rank third in the NFL in fewest points per game (15.8), and they are 30th in the NFL in yards per game (268.2).

The Steelers also haven’t gotten much out of their quarterback, Kenny Pickett. The former first-round pick is 28th in the league in EPA/play, and 32nd in EPA+CPOE composite.

This type of conundrum has caused many to think the Steelers should make a move for a new quarterback. Speaking on The GM Shuffle, Michael Lombardi suggested the Steelers should trade for Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins.

“Pittsburgh. Would Pittsburgh take him? Would you put Kirk Cousins on Pittsburgh’s team right now? Pretty much, that might improve them, and it might give them a long-term answer.”

The Vikings are currently 1-4, but Cousins is playing at a remarkably high level. He leads the NFL in touchdown passes, he’s third in the league in yards, and sixth in passer rating. Would he solve all of the Steelers’ issues? No. The Matt Canada dilemma would still remain, but reasonable minds would assume he will be gone in 2024, opening the doors for a more progressive offensive mind to come in. The offensive line still needs patching, but Cousins has spent the majority of his career playing well behind bad offensive lines.

Cousins would be a huge net positive for the Steelers, and raise both their floor and ceiling. Even if they don’t trade for him in-season, they should keep him in mind once free agency rolls around in March.