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Best of the Week 7 BTSC Open Threads

A few laughs as we reflect on a 4-2 start to the season

NFL: Super Bowl XLV-Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Another three-hour cinematic masterpiece featuring a late plot twist and suspense until the end resulted in a 24-17 Steeler victory over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. It’s time to check out the humorous comments from the BTSC game day Open Threads.

1st Half

Juju8080— 3 and out? When was the last time that happened? Wierd rickd73—Consistency is the key.

Beijing_Breakfast—I hate this team, so glad I have to catch up on work today.

Farmer John—Don’t panic... They’ll make adjustments... Ah who am I kidding, Tomlin and company can’t even adjust their pants, let alone a game plan...

Juju8080—Took 2 weeks to script those 3 plays

CT-Steeler4Life—How many 3 and outs before the boos and fire Canada chants start?PSUSteeler— I started during the bye week

bmp2108—Seumalo with a first down run! our adjustment over the bye

The Gif Sgt—oh my did Matt Canada discover the middle crossing route??? Kyjake—Secret play. We’ll never see it again

Juju8080—Good news, it wasn’t a 3 and out! Progress

Rico Palazzo—Maher should stick with “Politically Incorrect” instead of doinking field goals.

Kyjake—Super Bowl. Will we ever get back there again? p-squared—If you have the money for tickets.

Bradshaw’s Hair—Adams!!! The Gif Sgt—Flozell?

Darksealer14—I’d rather see Mason Rudolph in.

Lambertsjockstrap—I’m going to go watch cheese on PCN

EIRocco337—Crossing routes are legal?

EIRocco337—Trying to imagine the reaction here if Johnson alligator-armed a pass over the middle.

steelsquatch—Dumpster fire. 3rivers6rings—Carried by a train wreck. steelsquatch—Driven by a clown. 40-mike-mike—On a train serving turd sandwiches

2nd Half

EIRocco337—Pretty sure 91 yards of offense in the 1st half is the most they’ve had in 3 games, so that’s something.

brazzie1—Had to suffer through the Penn State game yesterday, how much misery should a person have to endure in a weekend?

aterribleterp—Watching a Canada led offense feels like I’m serving out a punishment for some crime I don’t remember committing. This is insanity that he’s still employed.

EIRocco337—The Rams are using the same blitz repeatedly and counting on the Steelers having no answer for it. They’re right.

Kyjake—Put TJ in on offense!

bmp2108—TJ is better in coverage than Levi Wallace. Change my mind.

58—and the defense wins another trip on the field without rest

ALDOG—Ok we need the offense to get out of the defense way to allow us to score more points

iowasteel22—Death Taxes and a Failed challenge. MySonMetBettis—Death taxes, a failed challenge and pondering the reason behind Wallace being employed

deepelem blues—how can you screw up 2nd and 2 oh that’s right, Matt Canada and the steelers OL

iowasteel22—Defense is gassed . We in trouble. Farmer John—We were in trouble the minute the coin was flipped at 4pm eastern time...

steeltech—”Dad, why are you losing your hair? Mom says it runs in the family.” No, son. It’s because I watch too much Steelers.

steeltech—We would be the best offense if TDs were scored on the sides of the field instead on the ends.

EIRocco337—The “Diontae Johnson has no YAC because he’s a soft coward” crowd seems to be quiet. Mahogany90—Like your ex-wife said, “Anyone can do it once”.

EIRocco337—The good news is they uncorked their one good drive of the game. The bad news is they likely need one more.

deepelem blues—surely extremely influential Steelers owner Rooney can persuade the other owners to have games start in the 4th quarter, all steelers’ problems solved

deepelem blues—with the way the game is DBs have to borderline DPI or take a step over the line constantly, or every QB would be throwing for 800 yards 7 TDs every game**not the QBs playing for matt canada ofc

58—najee picked the wrong hole again insaneman—I wonder how he lost his virginity.

John Kovacs—The drive that najee scored on was a well called drive. Gotta give canada a little credit there......just a little MrOwens—Lol agree..!! Actually looked like an Nfl team at times. At times. Not many times but at times.