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2023 NFL quarterback rankings: A new No. 1 ahead of Week 8

There is a new quarterback atop the weekly rankings

Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

We are heading into the final weekend of October, and racing towards the halfway point of the NFL season. Here are the quarterback rankings heading into Week 8.

32. Daniel Jones, New York Giants

Last Week: 31

There is no reason to turn back to Jones. Tyrod Taylor has played better over the last two games than Jones has looked all season. Keep him on the bench and trade him in the offseason.

31. Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns

Last Week: 24

He is putrid. And whatever is happening with his injury status in Cleveland just feels weird.

30. Desmond Ridder, Atlanta Falcons

Last Week: 32

Ridder had a solid game in terms of passer rating, and somehow the Falcons are winning games despite his inconsistent play and bad turnovers.

29. Josh Dobbs, Arizona Cardinals

Last Week: 29

Lord bless “The Passtronaut” but he hasn’t had a passer rating above 70 in a month, and the Cardinals aren’t winning games.

28. Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans

Last Week: 28

Will Levis is making his first career start this Sunday, and that should be the end of the Ryan Tannehill reign in Tennessee.

27. Mac Jones, New England Patriots

Last Week: 30

Jones nickel-and-dimed the Bills to death en route to an upset victory over the Bills. He also threw two touchdowns and no interceptions.

26. Zach Wilson, New York Jets

Last Week: 27

The Jets are coming off the bye and face a bad Giants team. Wilson just needs to keep doing what he’s been doing- protecting the ball and letting the defense take care of business.

25. Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Week: 26

Pickett didn’t have incredible numbers against the Rams, but he was efficient and helped the Steelers get to 4-2.

24. Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers

Last Week: 22

Murmurs or Drake Maye are making the rounds to fans. They’ll keep getting louder if Love doesn’t start playing well.

23. Bryce Young, Carolina Panthers

Last Week: 25

The Panthers were on e bye last week, so we were spared having to watch their heinous offense. They really need to get Young some quality receivers- the talent is there.

22. Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints

Last Week: 20

The offense just looks lost. They have no spark, no juice, and Carr can’t build any sort of rhythm with Chris Olave.

21. Sam Howell, Washington Commanders

Last Week: 17

It’s not entirely his fault, but Howell is far too inconsistent.

20. Gardner Minshew, Indianapolis Colts

Last Week: 23

The guy is Billy The Kid on a football field. He is so much fun to watch, and he’s playing well within Shane Steichen’s offense.

19. Jimmy Garoppolo, Las Vegas Raiders

Last Week: 21

Well, we know he’s much better than Brian Hoyer.

18. Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

Last Week: 19

His backup Tyson Bagent did a great job in his first career start. We’ll see how long until Fields is back on the... field.

17. Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

Last Week: 18

Wilson played an overall fine game against the Packers. Nothing spectacular, nothing horrendous- just fine.

16. Baker Mayfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last Week: 16

Baker has really cooled off since his hot first month of the season.

15. Brock Purdy, San Francisco 49ers

Last Week: 13

Two straight bad games for Purdy, and the Bengals are on the horizon with it looking like Sam Darnold will have to play. A big turn of events for the 49ers going from 5-0 to potentially 5-3.

14. Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks

Last Week: 15

The Seahawks are quietly catching the 49ers in the NFC West, and Geno is playing very well to help them get there.

13. Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams

Last Week: 13

Stafford completed less than 50 percent of his passes against the Steelers, and was really underwhelming against a subpar Pittsburgh secondary.

12. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

Last Week: 14

Coming off a bye, hopefully Burrow is as close to 100 percent as he can possibly be.

11. C.J. Stroud, Houston Texans

Last Week: 11

The Texans are a frisky pick to steal the No. 7 seed in the AFC playoffs, and Stroud is having one of the best rookie seasons for a quarterback in history.

10. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Last Week: 9

The Cowboys have the Rams and Eagles in the next two weeks- Prescott needs to step up to the plate and play well to help the Cowboys separate from the rest of the pack.

9. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week: 10

Hurts and the Eagles put together a huge offensive performance against the Dolphins. That was the closest they’ve looked to the 2022 Eagles this season.

8. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

Last Week: 5

The lack of results isn’t all on Herbert, obviously, but other top quarterbacks will their teams to win games that they otherwise wouldn’t. Herbert has so much talent, but he needs to start turning that talent into results.

7. Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins

Last Week: 4

In both games the Dolphins have played against good teams, Tua and has come up short.

6. Jared Goff, Detroit Lions

Last Week: 4

Last week was a burn the tape game for Goff and the Lions. They won’t play that bad again, but they need to get right this week.

5. Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars

Last Week: 6

The Jaguars are 5-2 and Lawrence is turning into a top-tier quarterback.

4. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

Last Week: 8

Last week is in the running for the best game Lamar Jackson has ever played- just a perfect performance from this tremendous football player.

3. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

Last Week: 7

Cousins is having a career year with 16 touchdowns and a passer rating just under 102.

2. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

Last Week: 1

Allen was bad against the Patriots- no getting around it. He and the Bills need to wake up, and do it fast because the second half of their schedule is brutal.

1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Last Week: 2

Thanos has recaptured all of his infinity stones.