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Steelers Reacts: Fans are all in on the future of QB Kenny Pickett

Steelers Nation spoke out! Here’s what they said.

Kenny Pickett #8 of the Pittsburgh Steelers at SoFi Stadium on October 22, 2023 in Inglewood, California. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers head into Week 8 with a 4-2 record, sitting just half a game back from first place in the AFC North. That doesn’t mean the fan base has been content, however. In fact, quite the opposite has been the case, with public calls for OC Matt Canada to be fired still as loud as ever, albeit occurring perhaps less frequently, following a Week 7 road win over the LA Rams.

Still, things do feel better than they have in previous weeks. The feelings of unrest aren’t as significant — the vibes of this Steelers fanbase just seem different in a way that boasts optimism, rather than dismay. Earlier this week, we polled fans on several questions about their confidence in the team and the future of second-year quarterback Kenny Pickett, and the responses were clear that the vibes ring true — this fanbase is feeling better.

Steelers fans are as confident as they have been all season ahead of Week 8.

The results are in! Steelers Nation is feeling good — or, at the very least, better, if not “good” just yet. Ahead of Week 8 marks the first time in the 2023 season that more than 50% of Steelers fans felt confident that the team is headed in the right direction.

A brief glance at that graph will have you nauseous on a rollercoaster of hope and fear that the Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase has been on all season. Though the arrow is up for now, it seems given the general sense of unrest that it won’t take much to set arrow headed back in the wrong direction. Faith in the Steelers is not steady, but then again, this team hasn’t really given fans a reasy

Just 10% of Steelers fans have little or no confidence that Kenny Pickett will be the Steelers starting quarterback in the 2025 season.

32% of Steelers fans that took our poll rated their confidence that Kenny Pickett would be the Steelers starting quarterback in 2025 a full 5-out-of-5! That’s not insignificant.

For more than a quarter of fans to rate their confidence that Pickett is the quarterback of the future? Boy, is Steelers Nation feeling good!

Dating back to the 2022 season, no single quarterback with more than 200 passes has thrown for a lower touchdown percentage than Pickett (2.1%). He’s thrown for more than 265 passing yards just once over his 18 career starts. Still, he has the clutch gene, which apparently counts for more than anything.

Pickett will be entering his age-27 season in 2025, the final year of his rookie deal. By the time the 2025 season kicks off, the Steelers will have made a decision regarding Pickett’s fifth-year option, which will be a monumental point in Steelers franchise history in the post-Ben Roethlisberger era.

Did you agree with the majority? If not, let us know in the comments!

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