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Rain expected throughout Steelers-Jaguars game in Week 8

It could be a wet one at Acrisure Stadium

NFL: Hall of Fame - New Orleans Saints at Pittsburgh Steelers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re heading to the game in Pittsburgh to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2) take on the Jacksonville Jaguars (5-2) — you may want to bring both your terrible towels and your ponchos. I’m not exactly a meteorologist, but I can feel rain when it is coming down on my head. According to the National Weather Service, there is a 90% chance of rain in Pittsburgh today. Here’s a video from Acrisure Stadium from NFL Network’s James Palmer that was posted this morning:

Neither the Jaguars nor the Steelers have had to deal with poor conditions this season so far. It’s difficult to say which team would have the advantage in less-than-ideal conditions. Generally, teams that run the ball fare better in the rain. The Jaguars, led by RB Travis Etienne, are averaging over 113 yards per game rushing, while the Steelers are in the bottom five in the league, at just 81.3 ground yards per game.

On the flip side, Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence has been shaky with the football, with seven fumbles in six games. Steelers QB Kenny Pickett has yet to fumble in any of the Steelers’ six games this season.

We will see how the inclement weather impacts this contest, as these teams look to continue to stake their claim as AFC contenders.