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Don’t be surprised if Diontae Johnson is fined for blasting refs following Steelers loss

Johnson did not hold back when asked about the myriad of awful calls from the officiating crew Sunday.

Diontae Johnson #18 of the Pittsburgh Steelers signals first down during the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Acrisure Stadium on October 29, 2023 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Jaguars beat the Steelers 20-10. Photo by Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson had a lot to say following the team’s Week 8 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars — particularly when it came to the league officials.

“The refs was killing us the whole game,” Johnson said. “Like Coach [Tomlin] said, we can’t worry about the refs or whatever, but everybody’s different. I don’t know. I ain’t like the refs today. They must have got paid good today or something.”

Johnson also expressed frustration on the missed roughing the passer call that forced quarterback Kenny Pickett out for the rest of the game with a rib injury.

“They should get fined for calling bad, making terrible calls and stuff like that. That’s how pissed I am. Like, they cost us the game. I don’t care what nobody says; they cost us the game.”

Don’t be surprised if these comments earn Johnson a fine from the league office, either, as the NFL has continued to stand by the quality of officiating time and time again. Just last postseason, LA Chargers DE Joey Bosa was fined $12,500 for comments on the officiating during their Wild Card loss to the very same Jacksonville Jaguars that sent Johnson’s head spinning post-game in Week 8. Bosa’s fine was recorded as a “verbal or other non-physical offense against an official,” per Spotrac.

Johnson received a $10,927 fine for taunting in Week 7 along with teammate George Pickens, who saw a $8,525 fine of his own for taunting in the team’s win over the Rams.

Watch Johnson’s full comments below: