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Terrible Towel Tales: Ben Roethlisberger critical of Mike Tomlin after loss to Texans

Steelers news and commentary for Thursday, October 5

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Terrible Towel Tales, where we’ll highlight some of the latest stories permeating Steelers media for your reading pleasure every Monday through Saturday. In today’s news…

Kenny Pickett is Enough to Fire Matt Canada | Noah Strackbein, Sports Illustrated

It appears they aren’t getting the point. It’s not about “fixing” anything right now; it’s about giving themselves a chance. The Steelers might not be a Super Bowl team in 2023, but they have the pieces to grow into one in the near future. They might not have their next franchise quarterback, but they can’t properly evaluate him until they lose their offensive coordinator.

A Disgusted Steelers Great Ben Roethlisberger Is Openly Condemning Mike Tomlin’s Gaffe | Bob Quinn, Steeler Nation

Co-host Spencer Te’o pointed out that Tomlin claimed in the postgame press conference that there was a level of discrepancy between where he thought the ball was spotted and the actual placement of the ball. Tomlin alleged that he called timeout because it was a little longer than first anticipated. The future Hall of Fame quarterback was not buying the excuse.

“So they called a timeout,” Roethlisberger observed. “I mean, that sounds like, I don’t know. I don’t know about that. You’re standing right there, you see it. My question would be, was a sneak called or some sort of a play call like a run? All of sudden, you realized it was longer, it was a fourth and a full one compared to a half a one, so you called timeout and realized we have to throw it now?”

The Steelers officially have a Mike Tomlin problem | Andrew Falce, Still Curtain

I have never been the biggest supporter or detractor of Mike Tomlin. On one hand, I recognize how hard it is to win in the NFL, and the fact that Tomlin has yet to record a losing season is impressive. On the other hand, this team has failed to live up to expectations during this span, and while winning is nice, they have failed to capitalize in the playoffs and with a Super Bowl appearance.

The Steelers are a notably loyal franchise to coaches, and that seems to work better than churning through them every couple of years. Over the past few seasons, it has become clear though. The Steelers have a Tomlin problem, and I’m not sure what the answer should be.