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Matt Canada unloads after misconstrued CBS quote

The Steelers’ offensive coordinator had a lot to say.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Canada isn’t exactly the most popular guy in Pittsburgh. Those matters weren’t helped when he was somewhat put on blast in the Steelers 30-6 loss to the Texans by CBS announcers Spero Dedes and Adam Arcuhleta, who said Canada told them the offense wasn’t built to play from behind.

When asked about his comments, the disgruntled offensive coordinator didn’t hold back.

“That was an unbelievable misinterpretation of a conversation, so I’m going to take a real in nice time here and explain what that was. Obviously you guys all know, because you guys know everything about how it works. Pregame we talk to those crews, talk about what’s going to happen- we try to give them information. The conversation was why we were able to run play action against the Raiders [compared to] the opening game... why did it look that way? As you guys all know, the start of that [Week 1] 49ers game didn’t go the way we planned. We really didn’t do anything until we had the 95 yard two-minute drive. We’re down 20-7, so we’re down two scores. We come back [after halftime], they score. We had a decent drive moving along a little bit, Diontae [Johnson] got hurt, as you recall. We got down there, got stalled. We got a stop, came back again. And the conversation was at that point there was probably three minutes and 15 second left, ballpark, when we got stopped at that point. At that point, in the third quarter, we’re down three scores with three minutes and 13 seconds to go in the third. Three scores. You’re not going to stick to your running plan and the plan of running play action when you’re down three scores. All we care about here is winning. So the conversation was, at that point, the plan wasn’t built to do that then. You had to go. Obviously, I think we [were] going to win until the end. I kept throwing it to the point of our linemen had to do what, 46 dropbacks?Kenny had to do that. At no point was that conversation meant in that regard. I certainly believe he knew that. It obviously was taken wrong if not but of all the things we want to talk about, at no point do I doubt our players, doubt where we are, doubt we can come back. No doubts. I was literally saying any football person will tell you- you’re down three scores with, what’s that? 18 minutes to go. You got to start going faster, you got to start being in two-minute mode, you have to score more points. That’s how that came out. And certainly everybody on the offense is well aware of that.

The Steelers’ offense is amongst the worse in the NFL, currently ranking 31st in the NFL in EPA per play. Fans have been calling for Canada to be fired dating back to last season.