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NFL Quarterback rankings: A new No. 1 emerges ahead of Week 5

Daniel Jones continues to fall, Josh Allen is on top of his game in this week’s rankings

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

A month into the NFL season, and we are starting to see things take shape as the top quarterbacks separate from the rest of the pack. Here are the quarterback rankings ahead of Week 5.

32. Desmond Ridder, Atlanta Falcons

Last Week: 31

His receivers are ready to hit him with an RKO at any moment. His performance against the Jaguars in London was laughable.

31. Daniel Jones, New York Giants

Last Week: 29

Every week, he somehow gets worse. Yes, the offensive line is bad, but so is he.

30. Zach Wilson, New York Jets

Last Week: 32

Wilson played his ass off. He’s been given every chance to quit and pack it in, and all he does is keep going- that’s admirable.

29. Josh Dobbs, Arizona Cardinals

Last Week: 29

It was more of the same from Dobbs. He didn’t do anything remarkable, but he didn’t play incredibly terrible, either.

28. Bryce Young, Carolina Panthers

Last Week: 27

If you’re reading this, drive down to Charlotte and request a tryout and by the end of the week, you could be catching passes from Bryce Young.

27. Mac Jones, New England Patriots

Last Week: 25

He got benched for Bailey Zappe. Just don’t let him too close to Bill Belichick or he’ll give him a low blow for taking him out of the game.

26. Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Week: 24

It’s not getting better. Fire everyone, start over in 2024.

25. Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans

Last Week: 26

The Titans winning was more about the Bengals being bad and Derrick Henry dominating than anything Tannehill did.

24. Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

Last Week: 30

Justin Fields finally looked explosive, his team blew a three touchdown lead.

23. Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns

Last Week: 23

Watson didn’t play against Baltimore, but how different would the result really have been?

22. Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints

Last Week: 18

This is looking like a complete waste of a signing. The offense is terrible, and Carr looks like a shell of himself.

21. Jimmy Garoppolo, Las Vegas Raiders

Last Week: 21

The Raiders are a dumpster fire, but Garoppolo avoids criticism this week after missing Week 4.

20. Baker Mayfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last Week: 22

Mayfield is having a really nice year, and good for him after a flip floppy 2022.

19. Sam Howell, Washington Commanders

Last Week: 20

Howell continues to play well. Even in a losing effort against the Eagles, he had a big day through the air in a nice boune back game from a bad performance against the Bills.

18. Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

Last Week: 19

Slowly but surely, we are seeing more and more of the old Russell Wilson.

17. Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers

Last Week: 14

I really like Love, but he had a poor performance against the Lions. He falls three spots, but he will be fine in the long run.

16. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

Last Week: 11

Why is he still playing? Clearly his calf is causing him to severely underperform- get him out of the lineup.

15. Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts

Last Week: 17

The Colts fell short of the win against the Rams, but Richardson is such a joy to watch and he is getting better by the week.

14. C.J. Stroud, Houston Texans

Last Week: 16

This guy is the real deal. Houston has their quarterback of the future.

13. Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams

Last Week: 15

Stafford had a nice performance against the Colts, including the game-winning touchdown pass to Puka Nacua in overtime.

12. Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks

Last Week: 13

Geno didn’t have to do much against the Giants, as his defense more than took care of New York. That said, he is having a very respectable start to the season.

11. Jared Goff, Detroit Lions

Last Week: 12

The Lions are so fun, and Goff having a nice second-life in the NFL is nice to see. This is great for the city of Detroit, and the Lions have become America’s team.

10. Brock Purdy, San Francisco 49ers

Last Week: 10

I don’t know if there will ever be a correct place to put Purdy. He gets the job done, but as long as he is surrounded by that perfect roster, it’ll be hard to tell how good he truly is.

9. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

Last Week: 9

The Ravens had a tough test against the Browns’ defense, and Lamar was in vintage Lamar mode.

8. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Last Week: 8

Dallas responded to a loss to the Cardinals by curb stomping the Patriots and handing Bill Belichick the biggest loss of his career. Dak and Dallas have their toughest test of the young season in Week 5, taking on the 49ers.

7. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week: 7

Hurts had a couple splash plays in the passing game against the Commanders- let’s see if they can keep that going now.

6. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

Last Week: 5

Kirk had his first “Bad Kirk” game of the year, throwing two interceptions, including a length-of-the-field pick six- he drops a few spots because of it.

5. Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins

Last Week: 4

In their first real test of the season, Miami’s offense folded. We’ll see how Tua and Co. bounce back.

4. Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars

Last Week: 6

Lawrence and the Jaguars got back on track in London. Now, the Bills come across the pond.

3. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

Last Week: 2

Herbert played a great game against the Raiders, and had his usual throw at the end of the game, but a certain other quarterback jumped up.

2. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Last week: 1

On his best day, he’s the best quarterback we’ve ever seen, but he’s been very inconsistent to start the season.

1. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

Last week: 3

As of right now, no one is playing the position better than Josh Allen.