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Steelers Friday Mailbag: Is Pat Meyer starting to garner more blame?

Your questions get answered ahead of Week 5.

NFL: DEC 04 Steelers at Falcons Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to the weekly Steelers Friday Mailbag, where we answer your questions every week.

Q: Seriously, what does this offense look like in practice?- VirginiaYinzah

I’m not at the practice facility every day, but I will say in camp it looked so promising, which just adds to the disappointment. Talking to others on the beat throughout late July and early August, it was basically a consensus among us that this unit was going to take a leap, and obviously, they haven’t.

Q: Do you think Matt Canada gets fired during the bye week even if they win?-obxandy

If the Steelers are in first place going into the bye, there is a zero percent chance Tomlin fires him.

Q: Should Byron Leftwich replace Matt Canada after the Ravens game?

Mike Sullivan would get internally promoted if Canada gets fired in-season. No team is going to install a brand new offense with a whole new playbook in the middle of the season. Would Leftwich be an option in the offseason? Sure, I wouldn’t be against that.

Q: What exactly has been the problem with the o-line?- Yinzer.

Well, to be frank, they aren’t good. Mason Cole has played poorly, Dan Moore doesn’t look good, and James Daniels is inconsistent. Isaac Seumalo is by far the best player on that unit, and we know what Chuks is. He isn’t terrible, but he doesn’t move the needle. Also, pat Meyer is a bad offensive line coach.

Q: Why hasn’t Pat Meyer gotten more blame?- Anderson Barrett

I think more fans are starting to throw some tomatoes at Meyer, as they should. It’s also just easier to blame Tomlin or Canada, as they are the two most responsible for the struggles. But Meyer is starting to garner more blame.