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Should the Bears ending their losing streak give the Steelers hope?

Maybe there is more hope for the Steelers than we thought.

NFL: AUG 11 Preseason - Steelers at Buccaneers
No more talk!
Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It had been almost exactly one year since the Bears last won a football game.

At the bottom of every power poll as well as overall standings, the Bears, with their young first-round pick Justin Fields, could not buy a win.

The Steelers have been a little more fortunate if one considers a win every other game a success. But the games Pittsburgh has lost this season, honestly, did they look like they would beat the Bears?

Every team and fan wants that draft pick, or that free agent signing, to simply create success overnight. It does happen. Joe Burrow and Cincinnati changed overnight. This year they are paying for it. Whether they were riding the wave of Burrow’s confidence or the pieces all molded, they became contenders in the blink of an eye.

Chicago may not win another game all year. Or maybe, something within the team sparked. The game slowed down, they played like a team. Their star played like a star. Not yet an efficient passer by any means, Fields uses his legs to make up for the passing deficiencies. Something Kenny has really yet to do. He won’t be mistaken for Fields or Lamar Jackson, but Kenny can run.

NFL: DEC 04 Steelers at Falcons Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This is a time for Kenny to establish himself not as the perfect game manager, but as a player with talent. A player that will do what he needs to do to move the chains. Stop trying to manage and please the coaches, and make something happen.

Instead of relaying information in the huddle, start dictating. If Kenny can take a page from the book of Big Ben and walk that line a little more, then maybe-just maybe, it all comes together. Or Maybe it doesn’t, but the team can’t continue to do the same thing they have done for the last several seasons without success and believe it will eventually work.

Maybe fans aren’t being patient enough. Although all the talk about Pittsburgh has been about retooling and not necessarily a rebuild, let me let you in on a little secret- it’s been a rebuild, and the team isn’t playing like a team as of yet.

The Steelers coaches believe they have the right players. Just as in Chicago, it’s very hard to pinpoint a singular issue. It’s a team issue and it’s up to Mike Tomlin to put it all together.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
It needs to come together
Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

If history is an indicator, Pittsburgh will get better as the season goes on. But this season is not much different from last season except for the fact that the defense now has more holes. Teams have learned what it takes to frustrate the defense. With the offense unable to move the chains, the Steelers defense already has an extra half played than most teams in the league. By seasons end, at this rate it can be up to eight quarters of extra play for the defense. For fans looking for any glimmer of hope to save the season, maybe just maybe the Chicago Bears offered that.

A home game against the ravens at home is exactly what this Pittsburgh Steelers team needs. What they do is yet to be seen, but there is hope.