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Best of the Week 5 BTSC Open Threads

Comical comments from the BTSC open mic crowd

NFL: Super Bowl XLV-Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What a weird 17-10 victory that was over the Ravens! Not many saw that one coming. With the season looking like it had gone sideways already, I changed up my Steeler viewing habits. Typically for the full 60 minutes, I am laser-focused on the TV. A wildebeest could shoot bottle rockets at me from the other side of the living room and I would hardly notice. But this week I decided to use all of the breaks between plays to partake of the Behind The Steel Curtain game day Open Threads.

If you’re not familiar with the Open Threads let me explain. There are two on the main page for each game; one for the first half, and one for the second. Open Thread is the place to go and type out your every comment in real-time to share with the BTSC community. Emotions can run hot in the Open Threads. As such, there’s a fantastic mix of predictive, reactive, and humorous comments brought on by the game action.

I mentioned there are two on the main page because there are also two located on the Fanpost page. The Fanpost Open Threads are known as the “No Ledges, No Bridges” version. It’s for those who have the ability to count to three before letting their emotions get the best of them when typing.

Both versions provide some quality moments. I highly encourage you to come on down and play in the comment section. Here in this Best of BTSC article I will share the comments from Sunday’s game, from start to finish, that made me chuckle.


CT-Steeler4Life—Let’s see. Giant bottle of antacid. Check/ Stiff drink on coffee table. Check/Soft pillows to throw at the TV. Check

1st Half

Jimmyp19–Guys I think I have an answer for why the offense looks great in practice. Pickett is throwing against Peterson and Wallace!

Flying Polamalus—Both our coordinators think that [the middle of the field] it’s no man’s land or mined, or something. Only the other teams know the way through it.

Red Law—Run. Run. Pass. gbgpensfa—no, silly. it’s supposed to be puff, puff, pass. Canada’s still doing it wrong

ObviouslyMike—Stevie Wonder has better field vision than Najee Harris

Jake Schmalo—Use the middle of the field. The Ravens are abusing you with it. Juju8080—Where is this middle of the field place you speak of?

Black_side_of_the_Helmet—You guys see that quick slant the Ravens just ran? Remember when we did that? Juju8080—No I can’t

IronCladTheory—the best coverage so far has been the Raven’s receivers dropping sure catches

Kyjake—Soooo, what exactly were the changes that supposedly happened?! bmp2108—Vaseline on the ravens wrs gloves

EIRocco337—Lions: 4 offensive TDs in one half/Steelers: 4 offensive TDs all year/ Everything is fine.

2nd Half

ElRocco337—The trick for Harbaugh this half is to keep the game close enough while winning handily that the Steelers don’t make any changes during the bye.

the meal curtain—I didn’t even know Gunner was active. Yuck.

kate.magdziuk—Name a better pairing than the Steelers and going three-and-out. I’ll wait. bmp2108—Tomlin and dancing around questions

Pyramid Power—Am starting to think we might just win this game. Good vibes happening for Pittsburgh.- Jake Schalmo—Give me your dealers # Farmer John—I need whatever Pyramid is using...

Rook-119—Horror thought: we are 29th in offense so there are 3 teams worse than us

Beijing_Breakfast—I think Baltimore scores on this drive. Two score game is too much for our offense. And the D already created a turnover. Can’t expect anymore from them.

Heinz37Ketchup—This offense is like watching erosion work

bigbrettg—Tomlin loves himself a solid Vanilla defense with a Vanilla offense to go with it. Juju8080—It’s not even vanilla extract, it’s imitation

Kyiake—I’m loving the guy booing that the CBS mic is picking up Usxx—He’s all of us

NOSTRADAMUS AWARDS the meal curtain—Everytime I see Gunner I think fumble. SteelJaguar—I’m waiting for Gunner’s weekly gaffe

TheWasteLAND—Why does it seem like the Steelers never put any pressure on the punter?

EIRocco337—15 minutes before we all idly speculate about a coordinator change that won’t happen.

sak144—Who will score more TDs this year? Pickett or Watt?

kit.kinneson—These comments are more entertaining than the game!

steeltech—”What’s it feel like watching the Steelers offense?” It feels like trying to tie my shoes with one hand.

MySonMetBettis—The NFLPA just filed a grievance against the Steelers for the overuse and abuse of a punter

bmp2108—So let me get this straight…..JPJ isn’t ready. Yet in the 4th quarter, in a must-stop situation, he’s in the game? Like wtf?

CT-Steeler4Life—A safety. sak144—Just need three more of those

58rulz—I don’t understand what else Tomlin could possibly do. He had them practice in helmets! My god he’s tried everything

3rivers&rings—Danny Smith for offensive coordinator

ObviouslyMike—Convert Najee into a TE and call it a day

SteelJaguar—Honest question: do they have more cutaways to Matt Canada during Steelers games or TaylorSwift during Chiefs games? UsxX—She could call a better game I bet

jmn51—They need to cut Gunner tomorrow ObviouslyMike—If he reaches for gatorade, smack it out of his hands and send him home

sak144—Ever watch a game and honestly say “I know I am better than that “professional” athlete”? That applies to Gunner and Levi Wallace.

p-squared—That Porter kid is going to be pretty good...when he’s ready.

deepelem blues—mixing it up to canada is run, short pass, run, instead of run, run, short pass

NOSTRADAMUS AWARD Jake Schalmo—They’re sitting on underneath short routes. Throw it up to Pickens.

58—3 yd pass, just 20 more and we can kick a FG

NOSTRADAMUS AWARD Rook-119—they are only playing 1 safety deep, its all there if we can handle the pressure

Juju8080—We might be the worst first place team in the history of sports!

steelsquatch—TJ ended this!

Weirtonite—Watch PFF give a TJ at 2.3 rating for the game.

You’ve been a great crowd!