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Saturday Night Open Thread: Week 10

Come join this merry band of Steeler faithful as we discuss our favourite team and the merits of good food, drink, music and more!


Remembering those that have paid for our freedoms.

Mrs Canuck and I were in the local Costco this morning and to my great surprise and pride, everyone stopped at 11 am for a moment of silence. The lonely bugle played over the PA and the world paused, respectfully, and hopefully to honour the sacrifices far too many have made so that the vast majority of us can live in freedom.

Those of us that live in a ‘free’ country should never forget.

  1. Now that A-A-Ron isn’t on the packers let’s play… ‘Taker a Packer to work’. Pick a current Packer that you would love to see suiting up for the Steelers tomorrow. 100 steel canuck Bonus Bucks for the best reason why!
  2. I watched the Michigan PSU game today. What slugfest. Old fashioned smash mouth 3 yards and a pile of dust football, to the point where I believe Michigan didn’t throw the ball all second half. Thoughts on that type of football?
  3. Speaking of college ball, has anyone in the college ranks caught your eye so far this season?
  4. Any former service folks here care to share a military story? If you didn’t serve, has anyone in your circle served in the armed forces? Throw some love their way!
  5. While we were camping, I was able to get in some reading and finished up a couple of Tom Clancy novels. Who is your favourite author or what book are you currently reading or if you’re like me … trying to read!?