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Mike Tomlin says Steelers’ rookies are “just beginning” their story

Pittsburgh’s rookies have been a vital part of the Steelers’ success

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Steelers’ draft class has been a vital part of the team’s 6-3 start. Broderick Jones has single-handedly changed how the team runs the football, helping Pittsburgh total 371 rushing yards over the last two weeks. Joey Porter Jr. leads all cornerbacks in reception percentage (minimum 91 coverage snaps). Keeanu Benton has been a force, and stepped up when Cam Heyward went down with a groin injury.

While fans clamored to see more of Jones and Porter in the early portion of the season, the level at which they have played has made the wait worth it.

Mike Tomlin has also been incredibly impressed with this class of rookies, and says that their respective stories have just begun.

“They’re just beginning to write their story. We’ve been intentional about integrating them into play. Often times, this journey in an NFL season is a long haul for a rookie. For a rookie, every time they step into a preseason is the game of their life. They play 3 really tough, significant games before the season starts. We want guys on the rise towards the end of the season, arrow-pointing-up types of players.”

Jones didn’t start in Week 2 against the Browns, so we’ll see if the run game can be more of an impact than back in September. Porter Jr. was in coverage on the final incompletion of the game for Cleveland that helped seal the deal for the Steelers.