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Najee Harris: ‘I’m tired of this sh*t’

The Steelers’ running back didn’t hold back

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers dropped to 6-4 after an ugly 13-10 loss to the division-rival Cleveland Browns. The offense was outgained, as they have been in all 10 games this season, and only totaled 249 yards of offense.

Running back Najee Harris didn’t hold back when he was asked how he felt about the offense.

When asked if he felt if other teams seemed to know what’s coming offensively, the former first-round pick took a long pause, looked at all the media members at his locker, and let out a small chuckle before answering.

“Yeah, in some situations to be honest with you,” Harris said. He continued.

“There is just a lot of stuff that goes around... that you guys don’t see... I’m just at a point where I’m just like... man I’m tired of this sh*t.”

Harris continued, speaking on the topic of the team’s record.

“You can do two things. You can look at the record and say ‘okay, we’re still good right now.’ Or you can look at the record and be like ‘if we keep playing this type of football, how long is this sh*t gunna last?’ I look at it like how long is this sh*t gunna last? Y’all can look at it like it’s a good record but I mean, it’s the NFL. Winning like how we did? It’s not going to get us nowhere.”

The Steelers entered Week 11 with the second fewest offensive touchdowns in the league, and last in the NFL in first down percentage.