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Steelers Reacts: Just like that, Steelers Nation loses faith in the team as quickly as they found it

Steelers Nation spoke out! Here’s what they said.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin reacts in the first quarter during an NFL regular season game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Los Angeles Rams on October 22, 2023, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA. Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on a short week, heading into a Thursday Night Football matchup against the Tennessee Titans coming off a brutal home loss to the Jags in Week 8. Despite the loss, this team is still 4-3 and would enter the postseason as a Wild Card team (if the season ended just before Week 9 kickoff).

Earlier this week, we polled fans about their confidence level in the direction of the Steelers. The results? Not great, my friends!

Less than 10% of Steelers fans expressed confidence in the team’s direction ahead of Week 9.

Oof. That marks the second time this season that more than 90% of Steelers fans polled expressed a lack of confidence in the team’s direction. In case you’re a fan of visuals, here’s what that journey of confidence has looked like to this point in the season...

Fans of amusement parks may think that pattern looks familiar.

But no, it’s not a roller coaster. It’s a graph of the confidence level fans have in the fanbase.

Coming out of Week 7, which yielded a somewhat surprising road win out west against the Rams, fan confidence was at a season-high 60%. Now, all it takes is a 10-point loss during a game where the team played an entire half without starting quarterback Kenny Pickett to jump ship? The relationship between fans and this team right now is tenuous at best. The Steelers are walking on metaphorical eggshells (and Matt Canada occasionally stomping on them), which has the fanbase on edge.

On the plus side, HC Mike Tomlin has officially named rookie cornerback Joey Porter Jr. a starter on the defense, which fans were clamoring to see. He’s also got rookie tackle Broderick Jones in line to start Week 9 (even if he’s replacing Chuks Okorafor instead of Dan Moore Jr., as many fans had hoped). Top that all off with the news that OC Matt Canada will call plays from the sideline instead of the booth... is that enough to placate the fanbase?

I guess we’ll soon find out; stay tuned for another poll next week (hopefully, for the fanbase, after a Week 9 victory?) as we continue to measure the vibes of this fanbase all season long.

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