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Terrible Towel Tales: Dan Orlovsky bashes Matt Canada’s offense

Steelers news and commentary for Monday, November 20

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Welcome to the Terrible Towel Tales, where we’ll highlight some of the latest stories permeating Steelers media for your reading pleasure every Monday through Saturday. In today’s news…

Dan Orlovsky Torches Steelers Offensive Playcalling: ‘They Don’t Call Plays to Win’ | Nick Farabaugh, Steelers Now

“There’s no way that you can watch that game and tell me that the Steelers call an offense trying to win the game. They call an offense hoping they don’t lose the game. Kenny Pickett, all that stuff, this offense is as boring, standstill, if you’re a Steelers fan you know the play before they even snap the ball. It’s a complete failure with how great this defense is to move forward with what you are presenting on the field on a daily basis.”

Steelers Need to Consider QB Change | Noah Strackbein, Sports Illustrated

Kenny Pickett’s fourth quarter magic could only last so long, right? At some point, Mike Tomlin’s lack of acknowledgment that his quarterback is struggling would lead to a problem - and, well, it did.

The Steelers fought and crawled their way back from a 10-0 deficit late in the fourth quarter. And with a little over two minutes remaining in the ball game, Pickett and the offense got the ball back - tied game - and everyone expected to see more of the “magic.”

Madden Monday: Steelers should start Mason Rudolph, Penguins Alex Nedeljkovic in their next games | Tim Benz, Trib Live

In the wake of their 13-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns Sunday, let’s start with the Steelers first. Madden says it’s time to bench struggling QB Kenny Pickett.

“I just think Pickett might be the worst starting quarterback in the league. I’m not even sure he’s a starter,” Madden said during this week’s “Madden Monday” podcast. “He’s just awful. I mean, I don’t know how to even offer a disclaimer like, ‘He’s awful…but…’ or ‘OK, he missed this throw, but he made that throw.’ He’s terrible. Period. And anybody who’s defended him through all this looks pretty dumb right now. And anybody who still defends him looks absolutely insane.”