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Steelers WR George Pickens stirs the pot on social media

Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are no strangers to drama in their wide receiver room, unfortunately. The latest to perpetuate it has been second-year reciever George Pickens, who’s coming off a -1-yard game against the Tennessee Titans in Week 9.

Users noted Friday that Pickens made some changes to his Instagram account, deleting the Steelers content and unfollowing QB Kenny Pickett and Mike Tomlin, among others.

This isn’t the first time Pickens has stirred the social media pot this year, either.

Earlier this season, Pickens reportedly “liked” a comment on Instagram from a user saying there was “nobody to get [Pickens] the ball,” though later denied meaning to, giving a bogus excuse about his comment settings that didn’t really make much sense.

Pickens has been seen visibly frustrated on the sideline, known to be a bit on the “chippy” side at times, though that is undoubtedly part of what gives him his edge as a receiver. The ego, the strength, the attitude; it’s all apart of the Pickens persona. Over the past two weeks, since the return of teammate Diontae Johnson from injury, Pickens has totaled just three receptions for 21 yards and a score.

Is George Pickens becoming a distraction?