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Eddie Faulkner discusses changes implemented in the Steelers offense ahead of Week 12

The word of the day? “Details”

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Minicamp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Ahead of Week 13, Pittsburgh Steelers interim offensive coordinator Eddie Faulkner spent some time with the media discussing some of the changes he implemented in his first week at the helm. The key point of emphasis? It’s all in the “details” — Faulkner’s word of the day. As demonstrated by some progress for the offense in Sunday’s Week 12 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, that recent attention to detail greatly benefitted the Steelers’ offense.

In summary: Faulker engineered a week where the meetings changed; the running backs and offensive linemen changed their meeting times on their own after the bye week, but ahead of Week 12 Faulkner implemented something similar to the passing game with the quarterbacks and all the eligibles in there. The receivers, Kenny Pickett, Faulkner, and Sullivan, sat down, went through each area of the field and each potential situation, and picked out the plays they liked the most.

More than anything, Faulkner involved all the assistants in explaining in greater detail why everything happened. These concepts and ideas put everyone on the same page. Interestingly, most of the communication errors seem to have dissipated. If anything, they over-communicated, discussing not just each play call they would like, but also why they would call them.

Sullivan and Faulkner went into great detail about what to expect from the plays. Not only did they explain the why of a play call or tell the guys which call to expect, but they also went into specific route depths versus certain leverages, how to play against these coverages, what shoulder the ball should be thrown on, and hammering home the particular details of each play.

In other words, there was no wondering about the play. The receivers knew how to stem their routes. They knew how to play against specific leverages and calls they would see from the Bengals. All of that got hammered out before they even stepped on a field.

Those details need to be sharp. The communication between everyone must be strong, and if those baseline aspects of the game cam improve improve, Pittsburgh’s offense — which was one of the worst units in football prior to Week 12 — can take a step forward as one that has an average all-around showing week in and week out. The good for the Steelers is that you can improve these things over the season, and the communication got cleaned up quickly. So, it seems things are moving in the right direction.

Faulkner raved about the effort this Steelers offense put out there in his first week as OC, a great sign of what’s to come in terms of his relationship with this team:

I’ve got to say the offensive staff was incredible, man. Those guys were awesome. I could say them by name. You know who they are. They were awesome. I’m talking about everybody in that room. Everybody put their hand in the pile. Everybody had something to do with the process of preparation for that game. I’m just really proud of that. That was awesome. It was fun.

The offense will get another crack at it in Week 13 — this time, at home against the Arizona Cardinals, with kickoff against the league’s 31st-ranked defense set for Sunday, December 3 at 1 p.m. ET.