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Mike Tomlin compliments Kenny Pickett’s fourth quarter play

The Steelers’ Head Coach said Pickett “runs to the challenges and not from them.”

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret at this point that Steelers QB Kenny Pickett plays his best football in crunch time. Following a comeback win against the Tennessee Titans this past Thursday Night, Pickett now has six fourth quarter comebacks and seven game-winning drives in just 20 career games.

Pickett’s quarterback rating this season in quarters one through three is a paltry 75.3. His rating in the fourth quarter spikes dramatically, at 108.2. Those are staggering numbers for a young quarterback. But it’s just as staggering that Pickett has only thrown a combined 13 total touchdown passes in those games.

Mike Tomlin was asked about Pickett’s lack of production through the first three-quarters today, and quickly pivoted to his fourth-quarter clutch gene, saying, “He’s [Pickett] awesome in the 4th quarter. He rises up in those moments.”

Tomlin mentioned that Pickett is a guy who runs to challenges, and not from them. However, he also added that “those other quarters we’re working on.”

Here is the full quote:

For the Steelers to remain competitive in a loaded AFC, they’ll need Pickett to figure it out before crunch time. But there’s no questioning he plays his best when it matters most.