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Steelers Friday Mailbag: Could Justin Fields be the Steelers’ next quarterback?

Could the Steelers acquire the Bears quarterback?

Burgh Creative

Welcome to the Steelers mailbag, where we answer your questions every week. We appreciate our readers and thank you all for reading. Let’s open some envelopes.

Q: Would Brandon Stanley of the Chargers be a good option for OC for the Steelers, assuming he gets fired this year?- jockeyjockey

Brandon Staley comes from a defensive background, so no. I don’t even know if he’ll have an NFL job next season. May be a gap year for Staley.

Q: In terms of the draft or Free Agency, what do the Steelers need? Based off of recent events I now have QB, CB, C, IDL, RT. Not sure if you look to the future while watching the current season but is there a must have Free Agent? I like Tee Higgins WR Bengals- Pittsblitz56

Quarterback is certainly the big one, but it’ll likely be Pickett under center. In terms of the available free agents that I’d like to see the Steelers pursue, cornerback Jaylon Johnson from Chicago. Chargers cornerback Michael Davis would also be a good addition. Chidobe Awuzie and Noah Igbinoghene are also potential cornerback targets. In terms of the offensive line needs, I’d expect them to address them in the draft. The Steelers won’t pursue Higgins. he’ll cost too much and there’s far bigger needs.

Q: Any idea how much the Steelers profit In a year? I ask because when it comes to coaches, why don’t they overpay to get the folks they want if they have to. Getting a good OC should be about who pays the most. Why does someone need to be promoted into the job. I suspect the net income of the team is $100 million?? Am I in the ballpark?- Huntingteacher25

I haven’t the slightest clue on how much they profit. In terms of their value, their 18th in the league ($4.63 billion). Regardless, they’re cheap. They won’t be serious contenders until they dish out cash for actual NFL coaches.

Q: The Bears will have the #1 pick in the next NFL Draft. If he becomes available, would you trade a third-round pick for Justin Fields?...a second?- The Hateful 8 In The Box

It would take more than what Sam Darnold got traded for. At least Fields should go for more than that- he’s better than Darnold was at the time of being traded to Carolina. The Panthers gave the Jets sixth-round pick in 2021 and second and fourth-round picks in 2022.

He would garner a second round pick at minimum. A couple additional mid-round picks would also have to be thrown in. But I’d be all for it.

Q: Will Mike Tomlin clean house on both sides of the ball next year?- ALDOG

In terms of his coaching staff, he should. He had Brian Flores on his staff and let him walk in favor of Teryl Austin. Until he gets serious coordinators and a good staff, the Steelers will remain stagnant.

Q: How much longer should the Steelers evaluate Pickett as a long term starter without Canada? Should they give him all of 2024 with a new OC? Should they look to draft someone in round 1 to compete with KP next season?- Ethan McCourt

They shouldn’t. Regardless of the scheme, he was still missing open guys consistently and every stat that comes out is worse than the last about Pickett. The ceiling is very low- acknowledge it and move on. My choice would be signing Kirk Cousins, and if they want to take a guy in the second or third round to basically Jordan Love behind Kirk, that’s fine.

Image credit to Burgh Creative