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Steelers vs. Cardinals: 5 Questions with the Enemy, Revenge of the Birds

Five questions with Seth Cox of Revenge of the Birds

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Steelers have won their last four matchups with the Cardinals, and haven’t lost at home to Arizona since they were the St. Louis Cardinals in 1969.

With a win, Pittsburgh will be 8-4, and have a firm grasp on a playoff spot. We sat down with Seth Cox of Revenge of the Birds to get more insight on the Cardinals, and what the Steelers can expect this Sunday.

1. Kyler Murray returned and Arizona is 1-2 since he came back. How has Murray looked as a whole, and do you expect the Cardinals to hold onto him in 2024?

He has been fine, if not slightly underwhelming. With the way this team is built it would have taken a herculean effort in order to help this team, but he came out hot and has sputtered a little bit the last two weeks. That being said, it seems like he is the plan for 2024 as it would cost the team a ton of cap space to move on, and obviously they would then have to use their early draft pick to grab a quarterback who would be coming into a not great situation.

So, I think he will be back in 2024, and I think they target Marvin Harrison Jr. to add to a mostly incomplete wide receiver room.

2. Who in the Cardinals offense doesn’t get a lot of attention, but could be an impact player this Sunday?

Greg Dortch. With Michael Wilson out, with Marquise Brown being hurt, with Rondale Moore never really developing into the player they had hoped, Dortch has gotten a chance to play more.

While his numbers are not eye-popping, he has put up six catches for 76 yards against the Houston Texans and then three catches for 27 yards and a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams.

It could be a nice day for Dortch on Sunday, just out of sheer necessity.

3. What’s the general feeling about Jonathan Gannon?

Been mostly positive, until a couple of games recently. The Cleveland Browns game and then last week against the Los Angeles Rams have taken away some of the shine off of what he had done the for most of the season. I think fans are okay with losing, but those losses the team just looked under prepared and overall like they didn’t have a shot to compete (which realistically they did not).

So, how he handles the final five games, where they have a ton of good teams as well as the Chicago Bears, will likely have an overall bearing on what fans think, but I think this year as long as they continue to compete the feeling will be positive heading into the offseason.

4. Could we see a big homecoming for James Conner?

I mean, for my sake I hope so. However, the way he was used last week it seemed like he was not fully healthy already, so they limited how much they used him.

I think they will lean on him, it will be the only way they can keep things close against these Pittsburgh Steelers, but you just never know with how their offense has been run the last couple of weeks.

If they lean on him, then I think he could get close to 100 total yards and a touchdown from scrimmage. Which would make him the third most productive back in this game, because I am assuming your duo of Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren go for close to 100 yards from scrimmage each.

5. The Steelers are six point favorites on DraftKings. Do you see the Cardinals covering?

No way. Of course every time I have gone all in on the Cardinals getting shellacked, they somehow cover.

I think the Steelers dominate this game, go ahead early and grind things out, and then the Cardinals get a cheap touchdown late to cover this one.

Steelers 21, Cardinals 16.