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Steelers’ Friday mailbag: Will the Steelers trade Mike Tomlin?

All of your questions answered

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Welcome to the Steelers’ Friday mailbag, where we answer all of your questions. As always, thank you to our readers. Let’s open some envelopes...

Q: What is the % chance of the following:

1. Keep more than 3 current offensive coaches after the season

2. Bring in an OC from outside and let them pick their staff

3. Trade Tomlin

4. Bring in a new DC- MrZoot

I’d say for No. 1, 10 percent. No. 2, 99 percent a new OC from the outside. Trade Tomlin? I’m 55-45. Won’t be surprised either way. No. 4 (and No. 2, really) mostly depend on if Tomlin is there. But I think the staff is getting a clean sweep minus Danny Smith.

Q: With the fourteenth pick in the 2024 NFL draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select what position group?- p-squared

Has to be cornerback (assuming they don’t address the position in free agency). If they get a solid No. 2, they can wait for the second round and go center or another tackle in round one.

Q: If, by some Christmas miracle, Mason Rudolph finds a hidden, inner Kurt Warner, starts the remaining games, (because Pickett’s recovery goes much more slowly than expected) and wins them, what do the Steelers do with him?- SteelerSince73!

Keep him as the backup. I like Mason, but the long-term franchise answer isn’t on the roster. However, he has shown to be a capable backup, and he’s been there forever. Being the No. 2 behind whomever is there next season would be the best role for him.

Q: Should the sound crew for the stadium play Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry?- Richard Mckinney Jr (Facebook)

That would be quite good, yes.