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Steelers Jaylen Warren: ‘George Pickens says next time he’ll block for me’

The Steelers’ duo came together this week to talk about the infamous play in Indianapolis.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Clark Wade/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

To say this has not been the best week for George Pickens would be an understatement. After failing to block for RB Jaylen Warren on a critical play in a loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Pickens also failed to take accountability in his media session this past Tuesday.

The talented but often maligned receiver said the reason he didn’t block for Warren was that he didn’t want to get injured on the play. He then went on to essentially blame the media.

“All the people that’s questioning my effort, they don’t play football, they do what y’all do,” said Pickens.

Well, Jaylen Warren does happen to play football — and earlier this week the ascending running back said that he would have blocked for himself if he were Pickens.

The burning question then became — have Warren and Pickens talked about this, or hashed things out?

On the latest episode of “The Sick Podcast - Steelers Crazy,” Warren said that after a conversation between the two of them, Pickens understands his point of view:

Warren also said that he isn’t frustrated at Pickens, because “it’s out of my control” but that Pickens mentioned he would block for him if the same scenario were to happen again. ...To be determined.

The Steelers have a critical matchup on the horizon against the Cincinnati Bengals and will look to put all of this drama behind them this Saturday at Acrisure Stadium.

One thing is for certain — they will need both Warren and Pickens to be at their very best if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive.