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Friday Night Happy Hour and Open Thread (Week 16)

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Time for another meeting of the black and gold minds.

Good evening BTSC Family! It’s Friday- TGIF for me. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all that celebrate. I’ve got a six pack of questions below, As always, let us know what on the menu for tonight, as well as what BEvERage is wetting your lips.

Here we go:

1-The Steelers were trampled by the colts for their third loss in a row. Just awful. Let’s be mindlessly positive. What was the best thing about this game and/or who was a bright spot?

2- it’s Bengals week, who are winning with their backup QB. We are pulling the lid off of Mason Rudolph to start at QB (assuming Pickett doesn’t play) . Can Rudolph guide this Steelers sleigh to victory on Christmas Eve Eve or will we get bludgeoned with our own helmet?

3. 7-7 And heading the wrong direction. What are you putting in Mike Tomlins stocking?
a) lump of coal

b) socks for the defense (too many holes)

c) an nfl level playbook for the offense

d) a pink slip

e) write-your-own

4. Tickets for this weeks game are reportedly $20/ticket (for clarity people are paying $20 to watch this team in bad weather before a holiday, and my friend is driving 5 hrs on top of that). Would you want to spend Christmas Eve Eve at Acrisure? If you have been to a game this time of year, what was it like?

5. Christmas movies are on full blast. Oddly enough, I remember watching monster movie marathons, Die Hard, and Star Wars (original trilogy) every Christmas break. Other than Die Hard, what is your favorite Christmas Movie?

6. I’ll be traveling to see family this weekend, keeping some of the traditions of my youth alive, and some new ones (family board games) we hope will pass onto my kids. What are your holiday traditions this time of year?

BONUS: how many articles about the same topic (George Pickens) is too many in one day?

a) 1-2 max

b) 3-1,000

c) never too many repetitive articles for me to click on.