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Steelers Friday mailbag: Be prepared for an offseason of QB rumors

There will be plenty of QB talk this offseason

Welcome to the Steelers mailbag, where we answer your questions every week. Thank you to the Behind The Steel Curtain community for always reading and submitting your questions. Let’s open some envelopes...

Q: Some Casey Hampton style NT names I like in this coming draft are T’Vondre Sweat, McKinnley Jackson, and Nazir Stackhouse. Will the Steelers aim to draft any of these players?- Demaulicus

A: Sweat is a mountain of a human being, which obviously helps on the interior. I think as a run stopper, he would be a great fit next to Keeanu Benton as the future of the defensive line. If they were able to get him in the second-round, that would be great. He may go before the Steelers are on the clock in Round Two, though. In terms of Jackson and Stackhouse, I won’t pretend to have overall expertise on Jackson and Stackhouse, but folks I trust in the NFL Draft space project Jackson as a Top 100 guy, and Stackhouse was projected as a round three pick by Matthew Jones of FantasyPros. Pittsburgh needs help on the defensive line, though, so expect them to address it in the first three rounds without a doubt.

Q: What is the likelihood the Steelers draft a RT like Amarius Mims and move Broderick Jones back to LT?- Demaulicus

A: I personally am okay with Jones at RT because he is a superb run blocker and has been up and down in pass-pro. We’ve seen guys like Penei Sewell in Detroit come into the league and move from left-to-right tackle and have tremendous success. So I don’t necessarily mind Jones staying at right tackle as long as they bring in someone else at left, because Dan Moore is brutal to watch, and I’d say it’s a borderline guarantee someone else will be there next season.

Q: When are they going to announce when the Ravens game will be?- Steelwoman

A: After Week 17 is complete is when the league usually sets the lineup for Week 18. That way the primetime game has huge stakes and they can sequence things out throughout the 1:00 and 4:00 games.

Q: When will we go through a day without some other QB being proposed as a savior coming from another team that the Steelers should trade for?- Steelwoman

A: After the NFL Draft. If they don’t make a move between the start of the new league year in March and at the end of the draft, then we’ll know who will be under center. It’s likely going to be Pickett, but you can’t blame fans who are fed up with bad quarterback play and would like to make an upgrade if it’s possible to do so.

Q: Who else should we be rooting for this weekend that will help the Steelers get into the playoffs?- Steelwoman

A: If you want the Steelers to make the playoffs, you’re rooting against the Bills (who play the Patriots and Dolphins to finish the season), the Texans (who play the Titans and Colts) and the Colts (who play the Raiders and Texans). The Bengals need to keep losing, too. Pittsburgh also very likely needs to win out.

Q: What’s the over/under of number of different QBs mentioned as potential free agent signings, trades, or draft picks in the offseason? 75?- SteelerAngler

A: Ha, expect a lot. Justin Fields will be a prominent name. It looks like Russell Wilson will be, too. Kirk Cousins, as well. Maybe some will say Baker Mayfield, but I think the Bucs bring him back. And then obviously there will be plenty of draft talk in terms of what the Steelers should do, should they draft a QB etc.

Q: Very early, but who are the top handful of draft prospects at the following positions: inside linebacker, cornerback, center, right tackle, wide receiver?- SteelerSince73

A: It is early, and I haven’t begun to do dives into mid-round prospects. I usually begin that once I go to Mobile for the Senior Bowl, which I’ll be giving daily reports from on here, so you guys will be updated daily on who I like throughout that entire week. That said, the biggest name being mocked to the Steelers is Cooper DeJean, the cornerback from Iowa and Kool-Aid McKinstry, the cornerback from Alabama. In terms of other guys at other positions that the Steelers should target, I’ll have all my reports wrapped up from Mobile in a month’s time to let you know all about the guys I like from seeing them first-hand.

Q: The Steelers need to improve at center in order to improve the line. Will they move Daniels (and then need to get a guard) or count on the draft or sign a free agent? Alos, what happens to Moore and Chuks?- Ecbucs

A: They could move Daniels to center and let Nate Herbig try to win the job at guard. They liked Spencer Anderson in camp and preseason, so I’d expect a potential roster spot for him as a potential backup next season after Chuks walks- he’s not coming back. They made a nice splash with Seumalo last season, I wouldn’t mind seeing them try to snag another guard and move Daniels in to center. Moore will be back as a backup, which is fine. Ideal offensive line, in my opinion would be: Draft pick at LT, RG Seumalo, C Daniels, Free agent RG (maybe Matt Feiler), Jones stays at RT.

Thank you to BurghCreative for the Justin Fields image. You can follow them on X @BurghCreative_