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Mike Tomlin on recent aggressive play-calls: ‘Scared money don’t make money’

The Steelers were very aggressive against the Seahawks

Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

It was evident early on that the Steelers were going to be aggressive against the Seattle Seahawks. On their first drive, Pittsburgh had gotten the ball into Seattle territory and faced a fourth-and-five. Instead of punting, Tomlin kept the offense on the field, where Mason Rudolph launched a deep ball to George Pickens, which was broken up and played well by Seahawks cornerback Riq Woolen.

That didn’t deter the Steelers, though. On third-and-six with 11:35 in the fourth quarter, Mason Rudolph uncorked a deep pass to George Pickens, who made the diving grab and picked up 34 yards in the process. Pickens made another huge reception that helped seal the game on the final drive, catching a pass and taking it 24 yards on the first play after the two-minute warning.

When asked if this aggression was an example of the Steelers no living in their fears, Mike Tomlin gave a very straight-forward, yet humorous answer.

“Scared money don’t make money,” Tomlin said.

This aggression showed last week, as well, when Pickens had several long catches, including touchdowns of 86 and 66 yards, respectively.

The Steelers will need to maintain that aggression next week against the Ravens, where they’ll finish their season and hope for a little help to get into the postseason.