Way too early 2024 mock draft

Way too Early 2024 Mock Simulator

Mock 1 Mock 2
B83S8RT.0.png bfheQhA.0.png
Mock 3 Mock 4
lyOyYVP.0.png PhyOtmr.0.png
Mock 5 (Added after first 2 comments)

I know there are other needs the Steelers have than the following mentioned. Again, This is a way too early mock and things will most likely change before the draft. Just want to stir some thoughts while we see some flaws that can be fixed.

Mock 4 was done before I remembered Trubisky is under contract right after the 2025 season hence there being 2 QBs on the list.

  1. Which encompasses the overall team needs the best while focusing OG, Center, QB, ILB, and NT?
  2. Also, Would any of these mocks (trades were made in some of them) be acceptable to you as a fellow Steelers fan?

To add to this it is more meant to get people a bit more engaged in researching college prospects and if there are better choices feel free to suggest them. These are just some names I researched messing around with a mock simulator.

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